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Chapter 2: Identified

"Sonic...? Sonic wake up! Hey!"

Sonic opened his eyes, it was morning probably about 8:00am. He sat up and looked behind him to see Tails. The two-tailed fox smiled and laughed.

"Finally! You've been up here all night!" Tails stated as he examined the dazed face of his blue friend.

"Who... was that...?" Sonic said aloud, although he didn't know he had.

Tails looked at him curiously, "Who? what are you talking about Sonic?" He asked, "Sonic can you even hear me?" He added. His blue eyes were searching for the answers and his ears were perked forward as if listening to Sonics thoughts.

Sonic blinked and snapped back to reality. The flash backs from the night were just slipping away. He looked up at Tails, he hadn't even remembered he was there until now. And why was he looking at him like he was crazy or something?

"Sorry Tails, what did you say?" Sonic asked still a bit dazed.

"Never mind, it doesn't matter. Although I have to wonder how you can sleep on the roof!" Tails laughed. He was right, even though it was the middle of summer... it wasn't the best place to sleep.

Sonic stood up and took a glance into the forest before returning to Tails. Then he shrugged, "I get more peace this way I guess." He answered.

Tails turned then said, "Well I've got to go fix a few things for the Professor, so I'll see ya later." Then, with a small jump, he twirled his tails and flew down to the door of the university.

Sonic examined Chips trinket again. 'Whats so special about it?' he thought. Was it the reason the strange being had appeared? And if so, why were they interested? Maybe it was just a coincidence that they had appeared right as he'd been out. But how come it seemed like it was timed... like he was meant to see them, standing in the bushes?

He shook his head. 'Just a coincidence.' he thought. He slipped the trinket back on his glove, then he glanced at the forest again. The trees swayed lightly in the warm summer breeze, and all sorts of smells wafted through the air. It was only then Sonic realized how hungry he was. Did he have enough rings to buy something? Maybe...

He hoped down off of the roof and started to run off down the streets. Everyone who saw him waved. Kids of all ages stared and some ran after him, although they didn't have a prayer. Most of them knew that, but tried anyway.

Sonic of course, stopped at a chili dog hut. The man selling them insisted he take as many as he wanted for free, "You saved us all go ahead!" He explained when Sonic asked why. Although he shouldn't have been surprised. He took one, thanked the man and ran off again.

Racing between alleyways, and jumping off rooftops, Sonic made his way back to the university. He had finished his chili dog, and was now sitting on a bench staring blankly at the forest. Just watching the leaves sway, as if he expected company.

'This is stupid, why am I waiting for them?' Sonic thought to himself as a squirrel scurried across the pavement in front of him. Sighing he had just gotten off the bench and turned for the university, when he heard that same rustle as the night before.

Startled, he jumped around half expecting a ghost. But no one could be seen in the shadows of the trees. 'Sonic, you've got to stop doing this.' he told himself. He turned again, but then he heard a small howl, like a melody that was playing for him. Turning once more, he locked contact with the same purple eyes... peeking out of the bushes. Surprised, he jumped back a bit, nearly hitting his head on the lamp post behind him. The figure just stared at him, seeming amused. They were still just a shadow to him. But he could make out two large ears. But color was lost to him with the trees shadows lying over the being.

Sonic had the question on the tip of his tongue, but he never got to ask. The being had simply vanished into thin air. Leaving nothing behind to even indicate their presence.

'Well that was weird.' Sonic thought. All the same, he was curious. And he went up to the place the being had once stood, still as a boulder. He began searching for any proof that it hadn't just been a dream. Sonic had never believed in ghosts, even if he came face to face with one. Anything he could touch, was not a ghost in his eyes.

It had been an hour, and Sonic was just about to give up when he spotted something. "A... paw print?" He thought aloud. Walking over to it, he toched the soil just to be sure. The print was real as it could be.

'What type of animal is it?' he thought. Sonic examined the print carefully, he had never been to good at guessing what an animal was. Usually he would have called Tails, but he would think Sonic was crazy for thinking an animal was present especially wild life. As he examined it, he came to a conclusion, it was so obvious he was gonna smack himself on the head for it. "A wolf..."
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