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Posted 7/29/09 , edited 7/30/09
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anniekong wrote:

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Why not then? Melancholy is so catchy on a commitee when your goal is winning an Academy Award...

Talking seriously, It's a beautiful story and deserves huge credit for this, although I think the basic idea was taken from a videoclip made for a Radiohead song.
Thom Yorke & co. never complained about copyright, though...
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Posted 9/30/09 , edited 9/30/09
i believe it's sadness gave life to the story.. but still so exquisite.. i,m not hooked with inspirational stories, but this one moved me..
Posted 3/12/10 , edited 3/12/10
I think it is not a sad story. In contrary maybe he forgot all those lovely memories ..I believe he enjoyed being down the water and to flash back all the beautiful memories once again. That's why he put extra wine glass on the table in the last scene. just one little pipe made his day In addition, I hope Holland will not be like this as their land is under the sea level and being worst decade by decade . This will be a sad story !!!
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Posted 10/16/11 , edited 10/16/11
I just watched this and thought it was amazing. Kinda reminded me of the sad bit near the beginning of 'Up' actually...
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