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ok were starting role play~!
setting:Ouran academy
role play.....START!!!!

haruhi was finished with her classes and it was about time for the host club to open if I'm late tamaki's gunna throw a fit again... she though to herself as she was running through the school hall way. why does this place have to be so big?Its so confusing. finally, she got to music room 3
"I'm sorry that I'm a little late." she said as she opened the door only to find a winter wonderland. "EEEHHH?! Its in the middle of spring but theres snow everywhere! Whats going on?!"
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Kyoya is standing at the door, scribbling in his clipboard as Haruhi arrives. "Welcome Haruhi. So what do you think? We thot that the girls might enjoy a bit of snow for a little bit longer. Winter never seems to last long enough around here with exams and all. Oh and tamaki is waiting for you. He has a "special" outfit just for you."
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more cosplay? Haruhi thought. "okay but where is Tamaki-senpai?" she asked, looking around.
((OOC: wut does kyoya write in that thing anyway? is it...a Death Note...?XD btw, OOC stands for "Out Of Character" oohh look at the pic of Kyoya i found!:
well im gunna be playin' video games if u need me X3))
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"youre wondering what i write in my clipboard arent you? . well don't worry your pretty little head. it certainly isn't a deathnote or else u would have been dead the second you broke that vase " said kyoya without looking up from the clipboard
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holy crap, he's a mind reader! she thought to herself wait he would kill me over a vase?!
((OOC:when i use "OOC" it means im saying something tht has nothing to do w/ the role play, so when i said tht i didnt say it as haruhi. get it?))
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