(contest) contest of Events
Posted 7/31/09 , edited 7/31/09
A contest of contest. literally.

every knight will get a chance to enter this contest. it requires a bit of creativity. and a little paint.

Here is the procedure.
First You will need a picture. it can be anything, but it cannot be something that will get this group banned. (no porn).
a good Source of pictures. is Photobucket (use search box works better)

Second. you will need a little technology called paint, sense you don't have thousands or dollars to buy the latest picture editing program, I will Link you to a free Program, which is pretty good. One being its free, its flash so no download, and its not Microsoft paint.

Third: Once you do The first and second step. create a banner. any size,

After all those steps are completed.

put it into this format.

(Picture) (spoiler it)
Event Name:
Event Description:
Event objectives:
Event reward:

at the end of next sunday, we will close this forum, then we will close this forum, and making a new one, there all sun knights will be able to vote upon the most interesting. then three days later we will perform that event.

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