Shopping card
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Shopping card


Q:What's Shopping card?
A:Shopping card is a card who you can use in requests. You dont' need to do the payment stuff.
Q: How to use it?
A:Just post it in were it says ( fill this up) payment:
Q: How can i get this Shopping card?
A: This card you can get only in competitions!
Q: How long can I use this card?
A: In every competitions you can see how long you can use it..for first place, for second etc.
In the card you can see the date when your card was created..and the deadline when you can't use it anymore.

Shopping card


If you have a question, please quote this 1st post!~:3

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Posted 9/6/09 , edited 9/7/09
i want one ^^
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He, he That's nice to hear!
If you want it, you can't buy it!
To get this card you have to participate in competitions and of course, you have to win!

And if you didn't know...if you will buy our APF September magazine you will get Shopping Card for free! It's a bonus! :3
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whoa creative idea! im joining the competitions then ^_^~
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He he, thanks trumpace~! :"3
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i want that TT"
but its even smarter that theres a limit to how long you can use it for :O
Posted 9/21/09 , edited 9/21/09

Hey, thanks! :D

He, he participate, participtate in competition! :3
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