Naruto Shippuuden and Horriblesubs
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Posted 7/31/09 , edited 8/1/09
There has been a bit of commotion lately between "horriblesubs" who have been stealing crunchyrolls anime episodes.

Now i'm not sure if Crunchyroll or Shinji cares or not but i would like to know how many people have heard of, or even downloaded from "horriblesubs".

All they are is pathetic thief's that think they are anime subbing gods and even ask for "Donations".

If anyone reading this has not heard of this group before i would strongly advise not to download their material.

for a substitute to horriblesubs downloads please ask me and i would be happy to point you in a more "legal" way

keep in mind that the place where i get my downloads from do it 100% by themselves. and the quality is AWESOME

I'm not sure how many rules i may have broken, but if this post needs to be closed. Do it

Also i think i worked out why the last 6 episodes were lacking the usual quality that arks have.
The quality of the Kakashi Gaiden is amazing. It must have been a real project.
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Posted 8/4/11 , edited 8/4/11
i actually should thank horriblesubs for mentioning Crunchyroll in their sites..

Thats how i found Crunchyroll, cause of their "trolling" link..

Now im CR premium member and im gonna continue to be one, for at least the next 12 months.

And i bet im not only one who got refered..
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Posted 8/9/11 , edited 8/9/11
Oh stop complaining. Don't forget Crunchyroll used to be an illegal streaming site that hosted fansubs of countless anime. Fansubs were the only way to watch anime before Crunchyroll popularized the simulcast, and they're not going to go away. As long as there is anime that isn't available legally, there will always be fansubs.

Not that I advocate fansubs. /disclaimer
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Posted 5/22/13 , edited 5/23/13
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