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Updates to the Story ::
July 31 {{ Dancie, Dancie! }} short chapter

Chapter 16

The party afterwards was short, but eventful. The tiered cake, white and bestowed with all sorts of decoration, was cut and eaten, and gifts were given. Tom managed to trip over a chair at one point, but laughed it off. Everyone honestly seemed to be enjoying himself or herself, even Tom and Benjamin. Tom had come to accept the situation, and was back to his old self, but Benjamin was still regretting things. Even so, he was able to enjoy himself.

Many of the girls there who knew Vale were surprised that he was finally married. He’d never been all that interested in any girls, past the point of friendship. A few of them had tried to gain his affection (for he was rich and handsome) but hadn’t gotten it.

But they were all genuinely happy for Mari, and hugged her warmly.

All the contact with so many people made Mari a little fidgety, but they were outside… she would smile for everyone; for Vale especially.

But he noticed, even though she was trying so hard to hide her uneasiness. At one point when there didn’t seem to be many people around them, he pulled her close, and whispered in her ear, “If you’d like to get away for a few minutes, I’ll keep the guests occupied.”

She blinked, and looked up at him, wishing she had hid it better, and not bothered him with it. But he was smiling… She got up on her tiptoes and kissed him on the cheek before slipping away from everyone.

In minutes, she was in the woods, walking down that peaceful path. She sat down at the bench where Vale had given her the ring, and smiled. She held out her left hand, and gazed at the ring, with its new sibling, the wedding band. She shivered slightly as a chilly summer breeze blew past, and looked around.

She sighed and stood up. I should get back… The time to herself had done her much good; when she got back to the party, she was happy and sociable, and Vale smiled to himself.

When Mari and Vale were in the middle of a conversation with Mandy, the band struck up, and everyone cleared the area. The space was now a dance floor.

Vale held out his hand to his wife, smiling, and she slowly took it. He walked her out into the middle of the area, and held up the hand he held. He put his other hand on her back, and she put hers on his shoulder, as they’d practiced. This would be her first real dance.

They slowly started turning. Left, right, left… Just follow his lead, Mari told herself.

After a few moments, People started joining the dance. The first pair was Arnold and Lizzi, and Mari smiled. More people joined in slowly, and soon almost everyone was dancing and having a good time.

Mari saw Benjamin dancing with Anne, and wondered who Tom was dancing with. Probably Katharine. The two had been good friends for so long, and the three of them had talked together so much since her arrival.

While the first song had been slow, the next one was lively, and Mari was worn out when it was done. Vale led her slowly to a bench, and sat down next to her, smiling. Mari felt bad for making him do that, but she knew he would stay even if she told him to go have fun.

So she stood up again, and smiled. “I’m fine,” she said.

Lizzi found them, and smiled cheerfully. She’d been so happy all day.

Vale smiled, and asked his sister to dance, with a glance at Mari first.

She smiled, and nodded. Of course he should dance with his sister! She smiled and watched them go to the dance floor for the dance.

She jumped slightly when she felt a tap on her shoulder, and turned to see Arnold. “May I have this dance, Mari?” He asked with a slight bow.

Mari smiled and nodded, but was a little worried. She hadn’t practiced this dance as much. She managed not to mess up though, and smiled the whole time. The dance involved switching partners with the pairs around you, and she found herself holding Vale’s hand once again for a few moments, before sweeping off to the next. Benjamin must not have been dancing this dance, because she never saw him, but found herself next to Tom once or twice. She’d smiled, and he’d been happy. She knew nothing awkward would harm their friendship now, and smiled.

Over the course of the afternoon, Mari danced with Tom a few times, with Mr. Spencer once (what in interesting time that had been!), and with a few of the other local boys. But Benjamin had never asked her to dance, and she was certain he would feel odd dancing with her, knowing how his heart beat.

She had laughed at one point when a young boy had asked her shyly to dance with him. He might have been about Billy’s age, had he been alive… Mari’s face went blank for a few moments, but she smiled, and danced a slow song with the boy, even though it was a bit odd. They’d had to settle for holding each other’s hands.

After so much dancing, Mari really was too tired for any more, and went to find Vale. She looked at the sun, and realized they would be leaving soon…

She found Vale waiting for her at the bench, and smiled. He stood up and reached for her hand, taking it gently in his. “Are you curious?” He asked, knowing just what she was thinking.

She nodded. “But you’re still not going to tell me, are you?”

He smiled and winked. “You’ll like it,” he assured, and kissed her once.

And before Mari knew it, she was stepping into the car with Vale. People were cheering wildly, and throwing rice. And smiling all over the place.

Once the door was shut behind them, Vale smiled at Mari and put his arm around her. She leaned her head on his shoulder, and almost immediately fell asleep. She had been so tired that it had been hard to stay standing long enough to get to the car. Vale had even been supporting her the whole way. Now she slept peacefully and Vale smiled as the driver took them away to their honeymoon.
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First to post!!!!!

Where are they gonna go for their honeymoon??? I MUST KNOW MORE!!!!!!! >:D
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