Post Reply I really have no clue what's going on here!
Posted 8/1/09 , edited 8/1/09
It was summer vacation as I was told. When I lost my memories. But they have all come back to me already. Since it's been years since that time. I still remember it, the way I regained my memories and created even better ones. But all of that came with a cost. So... You will listen to this story, right?
Posted 8/1/09 , edited 8/1/09
sure! You're gonna write a story right? Please do please do. don't hold back. ^-^
Posted 8/1/09 , edited 8/1/09
okay! but then i need lots of lots of feedbacks
Posted 11/21/09 , edited 11/21/09
WHAAGATT!? no feedback after forever?

ah whatever...
Blah blah blahh....

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