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Posted 8/1/09 , edited 8/1/09

1) Follow these rules a ALL times in this role-play.

2) Keep language to a minimum. PG-13! Words like "damn" are acceptable, but no f-bombs!

3) Fill out the form in the forum for your character and submit after joining the group. Once I have accepted it, you may rpg.

4) No spamming unless it's in the guestbook....

5) NO sexual content or nudity in this group, or rpg/forum.

6) NO god-modeling or power-playing. Which means, do NOT try to control someone else's character, and DO NOT make your character all powerful. Your character has to ge hit every now and then.
*I have already listed and described the elements that you may choose from, but if you have a NEW element/ability you would like to add, please notify me in a PM or guest book, and await my approval before putting it in your form. Only my character and the shadow can control ALL the elements, plus the element of darkness. However, your character can only control one element and master in one of it's powers. ANY AND ALL CHARACTERS MUST HAVE A WEAKNESS. The weakness that i have given you for the element, and another weakness as well. If your element DOES NOT have a weakness, create one. Again, NO god-modeling or power-playing!!

7) No chat format or internet/text slang in the rpg. (Ex. BRB. i g2g. C U L8R!) NONE OF THAT! Try your best to use correct spelling, grammer, and puncuation. Please re-read your posts and correct anything that looks wrong. A paragraph, or 5 sentences, are required per post when role-playing. If you want, you may put more than a paragraph, but a paragraph is required. This is so that the person/people you arerole-playin with have somethin to work off of.

8) NO bullying, haressing, being racist or threatening ANYONE in this group or forum/RPG. If you are caught being mean to any member, I will gie you a warning. If you are caught doing it again, i will ban you from the group and RPG. Be respectful to members!

9) You are not allowed to kill someone else's character without their permission. First, PM them or ask them out of character {{OCC:}} if you may kill their character. If that person says it's okay, or gives you the 'yes', then you may. DO NOT kill someoe else's character oherwise.

10) You may make up to 3 characters for the Role-Play, but please make sure to stay active with ALL of them. You must be active at least once a week, or more. If you aren going to be gone and cannot meet this standard, please notify me ahead of time(PM me or submit in guestbook). If you do not let me know you have been here i a month, I will delte your forms, characters, and posts for those characters. So please stay active a least once a week!

11) When filling out the form for your main character(the first one you are filling a form for), please copy and paste this at the beggiing/top or end/bottom of your form to ensure that you HAVE read the rules: Hi, My name is Bob.

12) If you Break ANY of these rules:

1st Time: Warning

2nd Time: Ban for 2 weeks/month, depending on rule that was broken

Last Time: Removal from the Group and role-play

13) And lastly, Have fun!! ^^

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