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The PLOT::

The shadow is trying to get my character to turn to the dark side, to give in to the evil within her. He wants to rule the world, the universe, and wants to turn everything to darkness. He wants to rule the world, and wants my character, his sister, to rule with him, since they are the only ones with such power. My character, Tsuki, refuses, but the Shadow(his real name unknown), trys to force her to the dark side, controlling the darkness within her, and causing her to be evil for short amounts of time until she fights back(she is almost as powerful as her brother),or until someone knocks her out of it, and she becomes good again..

The shadow knows that Tsuki can someday stop him if the darkness inside her goes away, so he tries to speed up the process of her becoming like him, evil and dark, at times by forcing her to be dark and evil when she is most vulernable. He also knows that there are others that are good, that will become friends with Tsuki and someday try to stop him, and that there are others that are willing to join him, in attempt to help him rule the world, and stop everyone that try to get in the way.

These people are your characters, who will either join the dark side,or the light side. They will either be good, or evil. They will either develop a friendship with Tsuki, or a partnership with the Shadow. Which side will they be on? Which will YOU choose? Darkness or Light. Good or Evil. Your choice.
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