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Junsu, the one in charge of comedy

He was so happy that he cried at Budokan Hall

Being in charge of comedy, he bring smiles by creating a warm atmosphere, Junsu “Actually I wanted to do this last year already, but because of saying cold gags in front of the members and on television programmes, I couldn’t take it back. (A/N: had to continue)

Behind that smile, he has shed a lot of tears.

“When we just came to Japan, it was very tiring to sing in Japanese because we were not used to it. We also needed translators when we were interviewed, so we were all very nervous.”

To improve their Japanese, and catch up with the pace of things, shorten the gap between the fans and them.
“My mind was focused on the Budokan Hall’s stage, for our fans love we worked hard, the feeling was good. The first time that I cried because of happiness in Japan was at the Budokan hall.”
Actually, coming to Japan was already hard from the beginning, but they were not afraid and practiced hard even before they debuted.

“My voice change took 3 years.”

I went to over 10 hospitals for check ups but they couldn’t find a reason to it. Our debut was canceled. It felt I had no chance to continue singing, I cried everyday…”
Dreams of performing on the stage were fulfilled when the news came of the formation of Dong Bang Shin Ki.

“Even though my throat wasn’t cured yet, if I didn’t grab this chance, my life would have come to a close (in singing)
I couldn’t let that happen! That provided me the strength and hope. From that time on, my voice slowly recovered. It’s incredible. It was like a miracle!”

Even though he faced a bitter past, he still carries a smile

Behind that smile is a strong will.
From 3 years ago, he has controlled himself from eating after six in the evening.
“This is so as to have a good body condition after waking up in the morning, it’s also good for the skin!”

To give the fans the best stage ever
“Budokan Hall and Tokyo Dome still makes my heart beat quickly. To be able to come here is thanks to the fans support.
We will continue to work hard!”

- To you, what is TVXQ’s existence?
Always by my side, no matter what, they’re just like my brothers that will always be by my side.

- If you weren’t in TVXQ?
I will be an athelete. I love soccer players and baseball players.

- Specialities?
Soccer, I loved soccer from young and wanted to be a soccer player.

- Favourite singer?
Ken Hirai. I love his voice when he sings love songs.

- Good and Bad points?
I’m good in sports. I’m good in dancing and anything to do with flexibility of the body. My bad points is my sleeping habits. Because of that, I take very long to arrange the bed sheets in the morning.” (A/N: meaning he kicks around and all the stuff)

Translated by: omXiahJnS @xiah-sshi
Shared by: Sharing Yoochun + DBSKnights
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