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Posted 8/2/09 , edited 8/2/09

Hayo’s Power Appearance & Mady’s Truth

Friday 22/05/2009

(Ironoside remembering)
...Brast - maybe you didn't hear about us I am Aitono Brast the master of ice power and this woman is my wife Aitono Nora the master of water.
(Back to real time)
Ironoside - {those two have the same family’s name and same power ... is this mean they are Brast and Nora's ....}
(Ironoside remembering the Nora’s face when she died and Brast’s face when he couldn’t even move ....)
Shord - Fitan let's use our Full Power
Fitan - huh? You mean....
(Both Fitan and Shord concentrate their power jointly for a big attack)
Ironoside -....
(The sword which was in Ironoside’s hand fall down)
(VIP place)
Fira & Onas-...
Kora - {huh...}
Otara - {what’s going on...}
Shino – Ironoside what are you doing?
(In the middle of Spectators)
Ayoma –{ whats wrong with ironoside????????}
(Dani was looking at Fira that time but he turn around and saw Ironoside )
Dani - {Ironoside....}
(In the sky)
Storm - {oh …}
(At Fighting Circuit)
(Above Fitan there is a big water’s ball and Above Shord there is a big Ice’s ball)
Shord & Fitan _ Big Ball Attack...
(They throw the two balls toward Ironoside, .. both balls are bigger than Ironoside)
(Ironoside stands without any respond because of the shock)
(Ironoside’s sword which was on the ground started to shake, over the time the tremble become faster and faster)
(Storm, Fira & Mady notice the shake on Ironoside’s sword)
(When the ball became very near to Ironoside the sword flies by itself and stops the attack)
(No one knows what’s happened; all the people thought that the Ice and Water balls hit Ironoside)
(But the truth is the sword was turning around itself naturally over and over , and this stops the attack and the result was big Explosions)
(Only Storm, Fira & Mady could see what’s going on)
(In the Sky)
Storm – This technique…
(VIP Part)
(Fira Stands up from his place)
Fira – this power…….
Kora – Master????
Onas & Otara - ….
Shino – Ironoside…..
(In middle of Spectators)
(Dani and Ayoma stand up)
Ayoma – {Ironoside please be safe…}
Dani – {… what’s this feeling? Hmmm something is going to happen now….}
(In the Other side)
(Mady starts moving and between Spectators he was coming down toward Fighting Circuit)
Mady – It seems no one can really Stop Hayo’s Power from growing even with those seals ….
(Fira & Storm sense high level of energy coming from one of Spectators)
(Fira and Storm Look there and they saw Mady)
Fira & Storm – a kid???
(Mady vanishes then he appears in Circuit Fight, very quickly he takes Ironoside and his Two Swords then vanished again)
(The Explosion of water and ice ball didn’t allow people to see and Mady’s Movements was very fast even Fira & Storm couldn’t fallow him …)
Fira – {So fast!!!!}
(In VIP Part)
(Fira jumps and he goes to follow Mady)
Kora , Onas , Otara ,Shano ,Shino – !!!!!!
(In the middle of Spectators)
Dani -Chance !!
(Dani goes fast After Fira)
Ayoma – Dani?....
(Storm Slowly Slowly came down)
Storm – {it sounds we have a lot of surprise for this year}
(Storm reaches the ground)
Storm – The Winner are Shord & Fitan
(The explosion of balls finishes and the people didn’t saw Ironoside)
All the people –Huh….where is Ironoside?
Storm – the explosion send him away
All people – huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…
Storm – that’s rule if someone gets out of Circuit he lose the game
(VIP Part)
Shino – where is Ironoside???
Kora – I think the master know where he is?..... that’s why he left . My lord can I follow my Master?
Onas – yes go after him
Shino – I will come with you also
Kora – Princess???
Otara – Huh? Why?
Shano – let her go
Otara – but mom…
Onas – Otara its ok Kora take care of my daughter
Kora – Yes My Lord. Lets go Princess Shino
(Shino and Kora went after Fira too)
(On the bored Written)
[The Winner of this Fight is Aitono Shord & Aitono Fitan….. Next Battle Between.....]
(In Hayo’s Castle)
Kagomi - father what that kid want from Ironoside?
Shitoro - Don't worry ..he will not harm him
Kagomi - but...
Shitoro - Kagomi you know I won’t let anyone hurt Ironoside if Mady Was going to hurt him I was going to stop him
Kagomi - But who is he………. what he want?
Shitoro - Legendry Master Mady
Kagomi - Legendry? That kid?
Shitoro - yes this is what we call him and to tell you the truth his power is much much more than me
Kagomi - that kid???? Much much more then you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

End Ironoside-Season01-Chapter23

Writer : Ironoside

Posted 8/2/09 , edited 8/2/09
>> >> : :>>> >> >> >> >> >> >> *this my Facial features during the story*
OM o my o myyyy…it first I thought Oh poor that baka the shock make him like a wood..Thanks Allah that the sword protects him.
Then everything became over dramatics, the way how mady vanished with ironoside and making everyone speechless. : .Then the method how that battle end ..wo0ow so much surprises..BEST CHAPTER EVER until now. .KEEP GOING …HOTONEY dying for the next chapter ^^..
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Posted 8/3/09 , edited 8/3/09
-claps- whoa! -re-reads it again- cool!! =D
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Cemetery (UAE)
Posted 4/10/10 , edited 4/10/10
not bad but i think i expected much from ironoside i never thought he would act like that not bad Fitan and Shord ^.^
i wonder what mady wants from ironoside well 2 know that i should read the next chapter heheh
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