Violent Video Games: Good or Bad For Society?
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Posted 5/19/07 , edited 5/19/07
Oxygen: Certain video games which were briefly termed "Murder Simulators" , usually the first-person shoot 'em ups, have been blamed as a contributing factor in youth violence. In the Columbine High tragedy, the press never failed to mention the video games that the punks who did the shooting were into playing. They couldn't run the story without going out of there way to mention the games.

Also in the news, but only for one night and for little more than a video clip, was a story about an inner-city LAN party set up to give the deprived kids and gang-bangers a taste of a different life, a virtual world that they had only heard about other enjoying. The game "Half-Life", a notoriously realistic shoot 'em up, was set up, and the gang members almost immediately teamed up and began blowing the crap out of each other. They vented anger and frustration at each other as though they were out in the streets. After the anger subsided, the fun began. A hall that had been filled with swearing and tension gave way to the laughter of a good game of Steal the Flag. Afterwards, the youths said that it was fun because they knew they could "kill" someone in the virtual world, but that in reality he was really still alive and nobody was in trouble and nobody was left crying. Unfortunately, there was not enough funding to keep the LAN party going and the vioence returned, but to lower levels as the kids realized that in the real world, you don't just respawn somewhere else on the map.

So, do first-person shoot 'em ups do good by most people, or are they a menace?
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Those video games, are the cause of violence. Its not just a video game anymore, I should know I have over twenty plus years of experience of playing video games.

It pains me to see a four year old playing a game, then later in his or her life acting on the violence that he or she knew was "just for fun." Why the video game industry hasn't stopped making these violent video games, I'll never know.

All those who think violent video games are good, just wait until someone you know is hurt by a kid who thought it was "fun" to shoot people. Then we will see how good they are. I have seen this happen and it is so heartrenchting to see the family afterward. Violent video games aren't games anymore, they murder mechines, and they aren't jokes anymore either.
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Good - They can be a good way to relieve stress for some people. They also allow you to do things that you couldn't in real life which can satisfy random violent urges!

Bad - Can encourage people to feel more comfortable with the idea of hurting others. For younger players they might believe that death isn't what it really is (base it on the revival ideas in games)

Overall i think that they are fine as long as there is some control. Players shouldn't be too young and they shouldn't take the game too seriously! ^-^

Similar to?
Do video games cause/encourage violence? ^-^
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I have seen what violent video games have done to people. While it may be a good vent, why not just exercise instead?

I don't want anyone to have to deal with a problem like that, its not easy and not a laughing matter.
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My gosh I hate this crap. To assume that video games decide rather or not somebody goes on a shooting rampage is absolutely absurd. Listen all, realistic and violent video games have a bad rep because they are new to society. Everything since the dawn of man has gone through this kind of disapproving scrutiny at some point.

Look at dancing. When it started up people went into an uproar about how horrible it was. Loud music, or if you go far enough back music in general. Literature, music, movies, and T.V. People have had enough to time to get used to these things and the factors that had made them so controversial in their beginning. It’s just time for video games to go through the same phase. But, come on, let’s stop being children here. Shaking our bums in a dance wont turn us into sex crazed whores, sluts, and prostitutes like people claimed it would; likewise, pressing a button to make the digital picture disappear isn’t going to make us the next Hitler.

People say, “Oh well there is evidence,” but you know what? People say a lot of things. There is also evidence, such as that given above, that shows that violent video games can help people vent stress. In any case I don’t understand why its okay to have a movie like Saw III where people are slowly and vividly mutilated with wildly realistic graphics (far superior to that our current video game tech can create) but not an alien blasting “shoot em up” like Half Life.

I understood the controversy behind Grand Theft Auto. That was the entire point behind the game. (Which of course sends the message, ‘hey kids this stuff is popular, see we make millions off of it because its so cool,’) but come on!

People were comparing Bully to Vice City. This one lady and her supporters even went as far to say, “When they release Bully it will turn our children into violent killing machines.” No surprise they were grossly exaggerating. Bully actually discourages bullyragging and encourages students to stand up and fight for those who can’t defend themselves.

There was another case where this 390 pound kid died while playing Ever Quest. They said, “The video game killed him,” because he passed while playing it. Said it destroyed his health. My fricking eye! He died because he was a disgusting tub of lard who sat on his fat rear and did nothing all day! Had cardiac failure because his human heart was trying to support an elephant!

Anyway, crime is going up because the economy is going down, parenting is going down, poverty is going up, and the population is going up. It only makes sense that more people = more crime =more bad influences =even more crime =endless cycle. Come on people, use your brains!

The other day I was watching the news and they vividly described a murderers methods. In the end they explained to me how this guy managed to evade arrest for years, and was only caught by chance after breaking out of his murdering abstinence. Because of that I am now blessed with the know-how of killing and getting away with it. Those video games have nothing to do with it…

Something else, I play violent video games all the time, and nearly faint when I see too much blood… So that bull about, “It makes people used to it” is total crap. People who are demented and sadistic killers are so because of A. Environment during their raising and B. Personality.

Video Games do not make us go out and kill. One might as well say that if somebody has a violent dream their going to go on a killing rampage. In which case, maybe, I’m about to assassinate the Prime Minister of Malaysia. I also need to get up to the school and walk around naked.

Violent games makes youths kill? Well, that being said, I love Katamari should make me go roll around and get miscellaneous objects to stick to my body until I’m a giant boulder of rolling devastation to brightly colored communities of poorly designed people…

Video games have a negligible influence on society. People just use them as a crutch to give themselves excuses.
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Posted 5/19/07 , edited 5/19/07
Do video games cause/encourage violence?

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