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29 / M / Land of darkness
Posted 8/3/09 , edited 8/3/09

Real Ironoside Ultimate Power

Friday 29/05/2009

(Outside of Midoriiro city, Near the Forest)
(Mady was there and he put Ironoside on the ground)
(In the City)
(Fira feels Mady's energy so he is following that energy)
(From the sky a thunder bolt hit the ground ,Fira stopped)
Fira - ...
(Dani jmps in front of Fira)
Dani –Finally I got you
Fira – what do you mean?
Dani – I wanted to talk to you
Fira – not now kid I am busy
(Another thunderbolt from Dani coms toward Fira)
(Fira avoid the attack)
Fira – kid? Better for you to not do this again
(Fira got anger)
(Kora & Shino arrived from behind)
Kora – master????
Dani – hey don’t come near……. otherwise….
Fira – Kora stay as you are
Shino – where is Ironoside?
Fira – he is there
(Fira show them the way)
Fira - Kora go and find that boy I will catch up with you later
Kora – Ok Master
(Kora and Shino left the place)
Dani – why you didn’t let that boy to handle me?
Fira – your power is greater than him and I am sure you could defeat him so easy
Dani – oh good as I expected from Fira
Fira – hey kid that’s right you are stronger than Kora but your power is nothing against me
Dani – and who said I want to fight with you?
Fira - ???
Dani – you have a list of 10 the strongest people on the earth right?
Fira – so what?
Dani –you find some of them, but some of them still unknown for you right?
Fira - !!!!..{how this boy knows this... } .. so ?
Dani – I want to tell you my full name because I think it’s interesting for you
Fira – me?....
Dani – i am Prince of Electricity, Yasa Dani
(Fira Shocked)
Fira –Yasa???.......
(Outside of Midoriiro city, Near the Forest)
Mady – hey kid wake up
(Ironoside was on the ground and with Mady’s voice he slowly slowly stands up)
Ironoside – where I am? You are from the last night…
(Ironoside remembering)
…Ironoside - what? You want to fight kid?
…Mady - no I want to kill you but not now
…Ironoside - ????
…Mady - you will have a match tomorrow , if you lost or I notice that you don’t have what i want then I will kill you
…Ironoside - Hey hey heyyy kid slow down, how you know that I have a competition tomorrow?
…Mady - I changed the opponent …..
(Back to real time)
Mady – don’t worry you are with me
Ironoside – huh? With you? That’s gives me more shock
Mady –I won’t kill you now
Ironoside – what happened what I am doing here?
Mady – you lost the game and I carried you here that are all
Ironoside – so what you want from me now?
Mady – you passed my exam
Ironoside – your exam?
Mady – I just wanted to see your power and I saw it
Ironoside - my power? Hey wait what are you talking about?
Mady – hmmm with talk you won’t understand anything, ok try to pick up your swords without touching them
Ironoside - !!! is that possible?
Mady – for you yes so do it
Ironoside – but how?
Mady – order him
Ironoside – come to me…..!!!!!. Nothing happened so?
(Mady attacks Ironoside very fast but the two swords flies and stops Mady’s attack)
Mady – this is what I meant
Ironoside – but how? How ?
(Mady came back and the two swords are in the air between Ironoside and Mady)
Mady – those two swords were with you and they gain some of your Hayo energy. And now when they see you are in danger they are protecting you
Ironoside – are they human? How can they use power?
Mady – you can ask your power
Ironoside – my power?
Mady – Hayo Power it’s not a power that you can understand it in one day you must use it and be with it to understand it
Ironoside – Hayo… that’s also my family name? But what this Hayo means?
Mady – Hayo? Hmmmmm To Do Anything that what I can tell you for now. For now you must concentrate how to control those two swords
Ironoside – Control them?
Mady – yes try
(Ironoside looks at the two sword)
( the two swords start to move and they go anywhere that Ironoside indicate )
Ironoside – I can feel them
Mady – yes you can and know you can control more than two but for now your limit is just two swords
Ironoside- you look like know a lot about me .can I …
(Mady vanished)
Ironoside – hey you are joking with me…..
(In the Sky)
Mady –{I think I will wait ,wait until you become perfect Ironoside….)
(Outside of Midoriiro city, Near the Forest)
(Ironoside wants to leave the place too but Shino comes)
Ironoside – Ren?............................................

End Ironoside-Season01-Chapter24

Writer : Ironoside
Posted 8/3/09 , edited 8/3/09
what a lovely afternoon to read new chapter ..hey it's the Eid or something 2 chapter in 24 hous??
any way
that was great chapter..the power that ironoside have is awesome,..I want to gain it.. bring the things without a move hell yah i want it
……..any way ..keep your good work up , the story is becoming more complicated …
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29 / M / Land of darkness
Posted 8/3/09 , edited 8/3/09
hahahaah tomorrow chapter 25 and hopefully after tomorrow chapter 26
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24 / F / Alabama
Posted 8/3/09 , edited 8/3/09
kewl! i wish i can do that with just my drawing stuff so i wouldn't have so mang hand cramps and i'd get everything done faster X3
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Cemetery (UAE)
Posted 4/10/10 , edited 4/10/10
i hope the next chapter would be better thanx anyway ..
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