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Posted 8/4/09 , edited 8/4/09

Shino, Ironoside's Partner & Two More Swords!!!

Friday 05/06/2009

Shino [Ren]– Ironoside..
Ironoside – what are you doing here?
Shino – I got worried so I came to check on you. So did you find anything about your past?
Ironoside –not really…. but I lost the chance too
Shino – what do you means?
Ironoside – I lost in the Tournament …
Shino – and who said that? Oh don’t tell me you don’t know
Ironoside - …???
Shino – there is no loser in training fight as we call it, this fight was the fight before the real tournament starts
Ironoside – so when I have the real fight then?
Shino – I think your next battle will be tomorrow and because you where one of those who did training fight you will just have 3 more fight and if you wins you will be the winner
Ironoside – thanks for telling me
Shino – I have a request to ask Ironoside
Ironoside – and what is it?
Shino – because you are alone in this Torurnament, you can add any one anytime you want so can I be your partner in ?
Ironoside – I don’t mind…
Shino –really?!!! thanks..
(A little further Kora was looking at them)
Kora – {better to not let him seeing me now}
Ironoside – hmmm
Shino – what is it?
Ironoside – I need two more swords
Shino – two more swords? Why?
(Ironoside smiles at Shino)
Ironoside – later you will find out why
Shino – hahahaha ok
(They walk toward the city while Kora is following them)
(In Tournament place)
Ayoma – where is this idiot after 5 minute we have fight..
(Dani arrives)
Dani – oh hi I was on time right? Like cool person
(Two box on Dani’s head)
Ayoma – yes now cool
(In the city)
Shino – look there there is sword’s shop
Ironoside – hmmm yes but I don’t have money hahahah
Shino – it’s ok, I will lend you some
Ironoside – no thanks until now I have a lot of debts
Shino –hmmm as you wish {….}
Ironoside – so you are princess right?
Shino – yeah boring life too …
Ironoside – Shino right? Your real name?
Shino – yes
Ironoside – I think I prefer to call you Ren
Shino – its fine for me hahahahha
Ironoside – by the way why that boy doesn’t come near?
Shino – that boy? Who you mean?
Ironoside – the one who hurt me
Shino – Kora? Hmmm sorry for that
Ironoside – no it’s ok will he will be in tournament too?
Shino – yes he and my sister are team
Ironoside – perfect I will make him it back in tournament
Shino – you hate him ]…
Ironoside – no I just want to defeat him that’s all, I will go and have little rest for tomorrow see you tomorrow in tournament
(Ironoside left and Kora cames)
Shino – he knows you were following us
Kora - …!!! But how he find out? I was careful …
(Shino looks at Kora)
Shino – after all he is Ironoside …
( In Hayo’s Castle)
Shitoro – Shino? How this be possible.. someone is having Shino as a name…
Kagomi – what is it father?
Shitoro – it’s impossible for an earth’s girl to be called Shino…
Kagomi – you mean she is ..
Shitoro – no that’s not possible… is she really a princess?
Kagomi – yes she is princess of Sora country ..the daughter of Toria Onas and Toria Shano
Shitoro – Toria Shano??? so that’s why ….
(In the hotel)
(Ayoma and Dani was in the hotel when Ironoside comes)
Ayoma – oh Ironoside you are safe? What happened?
Ironoside – nothing I just found myself outside of tournament place …
Dani – Didn’t he tells you he is fine?
(Two hits on Dani’s head)
Dani – and what that’s for?
(Ayoma with evil look, look at Dani)
Ayoma – Do you have any problem with that?
Dani – no sir … {what monster …}
Ironoside – so how thing went with you two?
Ayoma – we had a fight and we won
Ironoside – good for you two
Ayoma – tomorrow we will have another fight, and you to Ironoside so do your best to win this time
Ironoside – yes I will {… for sure I will…} am now .I will go to my room to sleep…
Dani – now?
Ironoside – yes I am tired see you later
(Ironoside left)
Ayoma – what happened to him?
Dani – he wanted to be alone now
Ayoma – huh? Why?
Dani – because he fall in love …
(4 box on Dani’s head)
(In the Green Castle, Fira’s room)
(Fira was sitting and he is remembering)
…Dani – I want to tell you my full name because I think it’s interesting for you
…Fira – me?....
…Dani – i am Prince of Electricity, Yasa Dani
…(Fira Shocked)
…Fira –Yasa???.......
(Back to real time)
Fira – Yasa... how he knows someone from Yasa Family was on list…
End Ironoside-Season01-Chapter25

Writer : Ironoside
Posted 8/4/09 , edited 8/4/09
Hehehe an explore on my face, I forget that fight was just training, then that baka will still on the tourment lol..go ironoside go ironoside * I’ll cheer for u from the spectator * see now u can be sure some1 will say ur name while u r fighting * ….but wait what he is thinking 2 extra swards, he wants to became a sward master or something like that?? That amazing any way…his abilities is incredible every chapter bring something new about him…very fascinating to sense things 2

AYOMAAAAAA..finally u back..long time I didn’t see u hitting Dani…am sure you will lose your abilities o hitting if u stop doing it ..yah just improve the number it’s training u know . 8 box on one chapter is not bad *manster* Woahahh…….

Omg I’m yearning to write more case I really don’t think I said anything, I still have 2 much to bring it on * girl just post the reply or I will kick u out* ok ok I believe better to stop my fingers from typing lol or am sure I will full the page….waiting next chapter ^-^
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Posted 8/4/09 , edited 8/5/09
-nods- hehehe cool...
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20 / M / Malaysia
Posted 8/4/09 , edited 8/5/09
hye ironside this story is anime or just you make it????
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29 / M / Land of darkness
Posted 8/4/09 , edited 8/5/09
hahahah its story i made it something new not like anime that you saw before
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Cemetery (UAE)
Posted 4/10/10 , edited 4/10/10
umm i didn't find it interesting yet but i got curious abt that dan boy who is he? and what is he up to ? well i hope 2 find out soon .. thank u writer
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