Fellow Gamers, please help me decide about whether or not to buy a DS Lite!
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Posted 8/4/09 , edited 8/4/09
Btw, this wasn't posted in the DS section because I doubt I will get a quick enough reply.

Okay, so I bought a Nintendo DSi at launch date.
Sadly, I didn't realize that the DSi wouldn't work with the Action Replay...
I was a huge fan of the Action Replay, not because I can't beat video games, but because it maximizes replay value after you've beaten said game.
Most of you will disagree about what I've said but after I beat a game, I like using the Action Replay to get extra things and because of the epic win granted by it. Also, it helps the lazy me be on par with people online. In Pokemon for example, it's not like I'l waste my time leveling a Pokemon to level 100. If you have done that, I praise your patience.

But here is the main problem... I really want to use my Action Replay but to do that, I would need a DS Lite which costs $100 used.

- I can use the action replay WHENEVER and WHEREVER I want
- Don't need to hang out with friends with DS Lites or Fats just to stuff like 5 games with cheat codes
- I have a backup DS in case my DSi fails. My DSi has an incredibly squeaky and loose hinge and I'm afraid it might break. (Btw, it costs $50 to send the DSi back in case it fails)


- Need to sell things to GameStop for bad prices so I can afford it.
Stuff I would sell are:
- Halo 3 (rarely play, although sometimes my friend plays it and I play with him, but he won't be back for a month and I can re buy it by then because of it's cheap price)
- Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 (I highly doubt I'll ever be playing this again)
- BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger for PS3 (I'm not a huge fan of fighters, I mainly got it due to hype and the anime designs)
- Rock Band 2 Guitar Controller (I do play Rock Band 2 a lot but I don't have friends come over to my house a lot because another friend who has more people who live near him bought it. There is always a chance a lot of friends might come over though which is why I'm reluctant. I'm planning on buying Guitar Hero 5 which comes out soon.)

- Every single time I want to put cheats on a game, I'll need to hang out with my friend meaning I can get the cheats but I'll have to be with my friend for a bunch of hours. I like being with my friends, but if I just want the cheat code instead of hanging out with my friend that day, it's just gonna be annoying and weird.

So guys, should I do it? Is it worth the financial loss? Is it worth the risk?
Also, I need to decide TODAY, because I have something IMPORTANT which I need an AR for.
Please give advice and help me.

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Posted 8/4/09 , edited 8/4/09
Easiest Option: Be Legit
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Posted 8/4/09 , edited 8/4/09
Keep the DSI for now. Wait till the "action reply" is able to be put into 1. If not return it and buy a lite.
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Posted 8/4/09 , edited 8/4/09
why not buy a R4 or M3 etc instead.
its basically the same thing
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Posted 8/4/09 , edited 8/4/09
seriously dude, no... And why do you need to be at your friends house to get cheat codes? Just search google, lots of reliable sites like IGN got cheat codes..

If your really want a ds lite sell your new dsi..
Posted 9/5/09 , edited 9/5/09
I'm not sure if your problem has been solved or not, but personal threads are not allowed. Please use the Game Help: Cheats, Hints, Tips, etc
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