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What is the perfect utopia?
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A small place in...
Posted 8/13/09 , edited 8/13/09

marumo-kun wrote:

Perfect utopia would only be possible if you were the only one on earth.

Goodness me if we are the only 1 on Earth, wouldn't that be not Utopia but Hell on Earth.

I looked up on Wiki and apparently there are different kinds of Utopia, what type of Utopia are we talking about here?

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Posted 8/14/09 , edited 8/15/09
I believe tribal societies are utopian, and we keep moving further away from this way of life and destroying the remaining tribal communities. Don't get me wrong - I love electricity & plumbing & internet and all that stuff, and I probably wouldn't give it up, but what is the criteria for a utopia? I would have to say things like happiness, bonds between people, being self sufficient, leisure. Sociological studies have found that hunter-gathering communities are almost immune to famine, people have over 70% leisure time which they spend strengthening bonds between each other, all power hierarchies are consensus based (they just disregard anyone they don't want to listen to). The communities cap out naturally around 30ish people, so you get lots of little communities nearby each other which you can switch between if you have problems with anyone in your area or if you want to move on for purposes of marriage, ect. Happiness is directly related how connected you feel to other people, which is pretty much all you get in tribal societies.

So maybe everyone dies by the time they are 30 because there's no health care or running water, but what would you prefer, 30 great years spending 30% of your time working, or 60+ years semi-satisfied working 70% of your time?
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