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Does the united States of America need a new government?
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Posted 8/15/09 , edited 8/15/09

pyronymphy wrote:

A viable solution for real change would be a transition from a two-party system to a multi-party system, such as what they have in England. The method of change is simple redistricting to remove districts - however many seats are open, everyone gets to vote on - such as, if your state has 20 congressmen up for reelection in the US House of representatives, everyone in the state votes for who they want and the top 20 vote getters win. Instantly you would have probably 6-9 democrats & republicans each, but then you'd have a handful of third party canidates that got just enough votes to get elected. The third party guys would still be a minority- but they'd be in the door, and the two main parties would have to form coalitions with the other parties to get stuff done.

I just don't understand how we allow a two party system to persist. If we were talking economics, and there were only two companies competing against each other the government would step in and say it was illegal due to lack of fair competition. So why is it ok for the government to not have competition?

America has more than two parties, it just that the rich are the main to parties, and they like there puppets in power, so they snuff out the other main 5 parties that are running.

Hell If America was smart they have had Dr. Ron Paul as the President.
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