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Fira's Real Name & Dani's Secret

Friday 12/06/2009

(Ironoside slept but he didn't see that dream again)
Ironoside – why I didn’t had that dream…
(Dani & Ayoma came and they walk together to the tournament place)
Dani – today there are more Spectators
Ayoma – after all they saw some interesting fights yesterday
Ironoside – it seems that first is fight is already over?
(On board written [The winners are Saiku Kora & Toria Otara])
(Then Ironoside saw the Circuit Fight, there were Kora and Otara)
Ironoside – {Toria Otara is Shino’s Sister then that boy calls Kora….}
Ayoma – they seem strong
Dani – yes hey Ironoside take care they will be your opponent tomorrow if you win today’s Dual
Ironoside – tomorrow? Hmmmm…
(Shino comes)
Shino [Ren]– hi Ironoside
Ironoside – oh hi
Ayoma & Dani – isn’t she the princess??????????
Ironoside – yes. Ren this is Ayoma and this boy is Dani.
Shino – I am Shino
Ayoma – oh I can’t believe princess is in front of me
Dani – oh hmmmm hey guys I forgot to tell you I am Prince also
Shino – oh really?
(Two hit on Dani’s head from Ayoma)
Ayoma – Don’t take his talk seriously he is just lair
Shino – hahah. Oh I almost forgot Ironoside I have a gift for you
Ironoside – a Gift?
Dani – is it food?
(two box on Dani’s head from Ayoma)
Shino – no haha. Take those two swords
Ayoma & Dani – Two Swords?!!!!
Ironoside – huh? But I told you …
Shino – no it’s a gift, because you allowed me to be your partner in Tournament so I give you this
Dani – Partner?????
Ayoma – Princess is Ironoside Partner ….
Ironoside – …
Shino – please accept it
Ayoma – don’t break her heart accept it Ironoside…
Ironoside – ok thanks Shino
Dani – but why you give him two Swords? He already have two..
Shino – yesterday he wanted two more swords and I didn’t know what to give him as gift so I brought for him those two
Ayoma – really Ironoside? But why Swords?
Ironoside – yes, and you will know later. Maybe I have surprise for you all
Dani – oh I smell food in his talk
(Ayoma catch Dani and start to hit him)
Shino – hahhaaha. They are funny
Ironoside – yeah
(In the time that Ayoma was hit Dani, Dani saw bored)
Dani – Ironoside it’s your fight now
(All look at the bored which written on it [Toria Shino & Ironoside Vs Ox & Nos])
Ironoside – Ox & Nos ??!!!
Dani – I saw their first fight yesterday it seems they don’t have Ultimate power
Ayoma – oh good for you Ironoside
Ironoside –{ hmmm then there will surprise for tomorrow…}.. let’s go Shino
(They go down stair to go to Circuit Fight)
(Shino, Ironoside, Ox , Nos & Storm were in Circuit fight)
All People – look…. it’s really the princess, but why she choose to be with that boy?
Storm – huh? And why you are looking at me?
People – hmmm idiot Storm, Little Princess we will cheer for you
Ox – I didn’t think Princess will be our opponent in tournament
Nos – that’s not the point.. we will go easy on her
(Ox was a man with big Axe and Nos was a man with big Sword)
Storm – {so that boy back to fight, will he use his power this time?} are the two group ready to fight?
(VIP place)
(Onas,Shano,Kora ,Otara & Fira were sitting)
Onas – hahaha let’s see what my little girl will do
Otara – hmmm
(Kora remembering)
...Shino – he knows you were following us
...Kora - …!!! But how he find out? I was careful …
...(Shino looks at Kora)
...Shino – after all he is Ironoside …
(Back to real time)
Kora – {that boy … he is not an ordinary boy …. I must be careful of him…}
(Fira is remembering)
...Dani –you find some of them, but some of them still unknown for you right?
...Fira - !!!!..{How this boy knows this... } .. so?
...Dani – I want to tell you my full name because I think it’s interesting for you
...Fira – me?....
...Dani – i am Prince of Electricity, Yasa Dani
...(Fira Shocks)
...Fira –Yasa???.......
...Dani – yes Yasa, my family name is Yasa
...Fira – how did you know I was searching for Yasa Family?
...Dani – I know because my father name was on your list and you want to find him
...Fira – is this mean you are Yasa Nirochi son?... hey kid what is your level?
...Dani – Level 2
...Fira – if you are Prince of Electricity then your father is Master of Electricity ..right?
...Dani - …Any way this is not the main thing that I wanted to tell you now
...Fira – so?
...Dani – there are several things which happened in the last few days and you want to know them all
...Fira - …
...Dani – after this tournament there is someone who can answer your entire question
...Fira – My whole questions?!!!
...Dani –you just need to be ready because as he told me you have a long big journey Saiku Tera.
Fira - !!!
Dani - Now I will take my leave our next meeting is after Tournament finish…
(Back to real time)
Fira – {….all what he said amazed me but one thing surprised me more Saiku Tera… my real name … maybe some people on earth know my family name is Saiku but my real name no one know it except 1000-Swords…how he find out my real name then…}
(In the Fighting Circuit)
(Storm look at Ox & Nos they were ready and then at Ironoside and Shino)
Ironoside - yes we are ready
(Storm starts slowly slowly to fly)
Ironoside- Shino when the battle start Use your full power to attack them
Shino - !!!!!.. ok
Storm – Fight……………………………………………….

End Ironoside-Season01-Chapter26

Writer : Ironoside
Posted 8/5/09 , edited 8/5/09
Ohayoooooo minasan ^-^

SOGOIIIII new names ..(Yasa Nirochi…….Saiku Tera (sorry gays I think u have 2 add someone else to yours list who knows about your names : ) ee no i think better to prepare lists thought i will expand this info wohahahah

(Ayoma catch Dani and start to hit him)

hehehehhehehehheheh o my stomick loll it was so funny ..all the day i remeber this part and loughs <<no my family think am crazy anwy way..awsomeeeeee....
It’s amazing …great chapter keep like that and btw i really start to think we have to pay to read < kidding..s
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Posted 8/5/09 , edited 8/5/09
heh heh, i cant wait to see ironosides ability! ^_^
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Posted 4/10/10 , edited 4/10/10
not too much reveal i guess i have 2 wait again but hey i'm really looking forward 2 seeing who will win . my instinct told me that ironoside and ren will win yaaay go 4 it man and kick their asses
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