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Posted 8/4/09 , edited 8/5/09
9 years after it's release as a manga it has finally ended! As you may know, there is very few amount of fans and has next-to-none publicity. Therefore, no one is there to scan/translate for us. Fortunately there is an english version but it's only on volume 5 out of 10. You can find high chapters online, but still not the final one's. I'm very curious to know what happens to our beloved Ginko. I hope he get married to that girl with the curse in episode 20 (because she said she's travel with him)

1 important thing: The anime and the manga match up exactly. As in, episode 10 in the anime is chapter 10 in the manga. The anime goes up to 26, therefore it ends at chapter 26 and the manga still continues on. The anime is word-for-word right from the manga so you're not missing a thing if you start with the anime and continue on with the manga.

Short Review:
This isn't the kind of manga you read every day. Actually, this isn't even the kind of manga you read every week. The overall storyline is "slow". In actuality there's only a few chapters that look into Ginko's (protag.) past and progress with the overall storyline. Each chapter is a completely different story and you'll realize why when you meet Tanyū Karibusa in chapter 20. Which also gives you hopes for a romance-life for your beloved ginko and a little more progression to the story.

As I was saying before I got side tracked... each chapter has nearly no relation to the previous or next (except of course Ginko and mushi)[aka: short stories] so you can't go rushing into the next one without enjoying the last. Most of the time each of them have a life lesson. If you take it slow (like the rythm of the storyline) I'm sure you'll enjoy it like i did.

As a side note: If you like anime/manga like Naruto/Bleach/One Piece/D. Grayman/etc. then you'll most likely not like this one. Because the anime/manga I just listed focus souly on the main-storyline which is the exact opposite of what this anime does. Contrary to those listed, if you liked anime/manga like Jigoku Shoujo and the sort you'll like this one.
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