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Kyou wa nan youbi desuka

Translates into "today what day is?" but to make more sense it is "what day is it?"

Sunday: nichiyoubi にちようび
Monday: getsuyoubi げつようび
Tuesday: kayoubi かようび
Wednesday: suiyoubi すいようび
Thursday: mokuyoubi もくようび
Friday: kinyoubi きんようび
Saturday: doyoubi どようび

Other useful words to know
Today: kyou きょう
Tomorrow: ashita あした

So heres some sentences

kyou wa kinyoubi desu = Today is Friday.
kinyoubi desu = Its Friday.
ashita wa doyoubi desu = Tomorrow is Saturday.
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I learnt the days of the week by singing the tune of Frère Jacques/Brother John~ but replacing the words with the days of the week!

I goes like:

nichiyoubi (Are you sleeping?)
getsuyoubi (Are you sleeping?)
kayoubi (Brother John?)
suiyoubi (Brother John)
mokuyoubi (Morning bells are ringing!)
kinyoubi (Morning bells are ringing!)
doyoubi (Ding, ding, dong)
days of the week!~ (Ding, ding, dong)

....yup! =3
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