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29 / M / Land of darkness
Posted 8/5/09 , edited 8/6/09

Ironoside's First Win & Shano's Old Friend

Friday 19/06/2009

(From the ground woods start to come out and it go directly toward Ox and Nos)
Ironoside – good Ren…
(Ironoside throw 2 swords in the Sky and they were close to hit Storm)
Storm – huh? Why he throw them on me?!!!
(Ox and Nos jump back to avoid the wood attack…)
Ox – is that all you can do
Nos – now it’s our time to attack
Ironoside – I don’t think so…
(Ironoside is in front of them and he puts each of his swords on Ox & Nos neck…)
(Those two swords of Ironoside that he throw them up fall on ground now)
Nos & Ox – how…
Ironoside – so you two want to continue?
Ox & Nos – no
Storm –The winner are Shino & Ironoside…
(VIP Part)
Onas – that boy was faster than yesterday
Shano – Shino he did well too
Otara – tomorrow they will be our opponent Kora get ready …
Kora – …{why he throw two of his swords in the sky? For nothing?.....}
(In Spectators)
Ayoma – oh they were cool not like some people
(Ayoma looks at Dani)
Dani – we are cool also….
Ayoma – ehhhh really? You always fight alone and you don’t let me help you is that cool?
Dani – yes I don’t want you to get hurt see I am so gentle
(Shino and Ironoside came out of Circuit fight)
Shino – now we are free lets go have a look around the city
Ironoside – I don’t mind
(In their way they saw old Store)
Shino – oh it’s very old
Ironoside – …
Shino – does this store sells something too?
(While they are looking at the store a voice comes from behind)
Orsha Yabis –yes why not?
(Ironoside & Shino saw old man behind them)
Yabis – oh aren’t you our little princess?
Shino – yeah……
Yabis – I am Orsha Yabis old friend of your mom
Shino – my mom? How you know her
Yabis – oh hahaha I know here from a long time. Come, come and site inside
Shino – ok… let’s go Ironoside
Ironoside – huh… hmmm ok
(They go inside)
(It was an old flower’s shop)
Shino – It’s so beautiful…
Ironoside -…
Shino – so Mr.Yabis how do you know my mom?
Yabis – I was helping her 50 years ago
Ironoside – 50 years ago? Does this means your mom is an old woman too Shino?
Shino – no…
Yabis – hahahahah kid her mom is Ultimate power user
Ironoside – so?
Yabis – normal people may live around 65 years but Ultimate Power User lives around 150 years…
Ironoside – when they get old?
Yabis – hahahah they get old when they reach 100 years or above
Ironoside – how old you have?
Yabis – 130 years old hahahaha
Ironoside – so you are ultimate power User then
Yabis – yes. But remember young normal people are between 18 until 40 for Ultimate Power User 30 -100
Ironoside – means Ultimate power’s User that has 80 years is like normal man that is 35?
Yabis – exactly
Shino – Mr.Yabis what is your Ultimate power?
Yabis – Feeling .. I am Master of Feeling
Shino – Master?
Yabis – yes
Shino – cool, means you are strong
Yabis – not stronger than your mom
Shino – my mom is strong too?
Yabis – yes she is one of ten Strongest
Ironoside – really Shino?
Shino – i didn’t know….hmm she didn’t tell me that…
Ironoside – feeling? what you can do by this power?
Yabis – a lot, one of them is finding strong’s people I can feel their energy from here.
Ironoside – I heard earth have ten Strongest do you know all of them?
Yabis –unfortunately no but I know most of them
Ironoside – can you tell me their name and their power?
Yabis – first Fira, Master of Fire second our queen Shano, Master of Wood third Brast, Master of Ice fourth Storm, Master of Wind fifth Metlak, Master of Metal sixth Shohiro, Master of Acid
Ironoside – was 1000 Swords-Man one of 10 Strongest?
Yabis – I don’t think so
Ironoside – What about Black Blood?
Yabis – no but how you know his name?
(Ironoside remembering)
…Dark-Ironoside - black blood? Oh the person that used a little of my power
…Brast - a slight of your power?
…Dark-Ironoside - yes you can say about 10% percent of my power
…Brast & Nora - 10%???!!!
…Brast - and how much of power you are using now?
…Dark-Ironoside - it is about 50% hahahaha...
(Back to real time)
Ironoside – I heard it from someone..
Yabis – his name must be secret because what he done was unforgiveable. we keep his name in secret even a hero’s name like 1000 Swords-Man is in secret and better for people to not know what exactly happened 50 years ago…
Ironoside – so you old people hiding the truth?
Yabis – …
Shino – Ironoside don’t push him
Yabis – it’s ok . hey boy how old you?
Ironoside – me? Hmmm I don’t know
Yabis – Why? Is there anyone who doesn’t know his old?
Ironoside – I lost my memory
Yabis – let me see
Ironoside – but how?!!!
Yabis – I told you my Power can do several things…. knowing how many years you lived is one of my ability
(Yabis touchs Ironoside and he starts to analyze Ironoside)
(a shock from Dark Power comes and Ironoside quickly jumped back because he don’t want his power to wake up)
Yabis – huh…. Impossible
Ironoside – { oh no did he find out about Darkness Power……………………………………………….}

End Ironoside-Season01-Chapter27

Writer : Ironoside
Posted 8/6/09 , edited 8/6/09
Huh they live for 150 years…we have dragons here not humans ..yes yes yes dragons under human's caver..oh I discover your trick what is my gift (I imagine: a ticket say goodbye from the group) ooooo no..ur secret is in safe SIR… =D!!
Huh you are going to tell us about the 10 strongest names..WAIT.*.note and panciel* ..start please..yes yes..o yes…o yah I know Brast ..yah continue..o thank you they are on my list ..….but.( fifth Metlak, Master of Metal sixth Shohiro, Master of Acid) they are new waiting to hear about them..
YET...(even hero’s name like 1000 Swords-Man is in secret) >> wait ..1000 swords-man is a H-e-r-o?? Tthis is so much cool then to be able to wait to know ...come on really dying for next chapter

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Cemetery (UAE)
Posted 4/10/10 , edited 4/10/10
too much information and there are alot things still 2 know if that old man had that power then ironoside u are screwed boy
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