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22 / F / Negros. Occidental
Posted 8/15/09 , edited 8/16/09

DOB:January 26
Favorite Anime(s)/Dramas/Manga:shugo chara, BOF, Gundam Seed/Destiny,naruto..etc
Personality:friendly,nice,caring and kind
Favorite color:Violet!
Likes and Dislikes:loves sweets!! hate bugs!!!
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F / Qatar
Posted 8/24/09 , edited 8/24/09
Username: kawaii_star97
Nickname: reem, roro, yume, yume-chan
Age: 11
DOB: nov/4
Favorite Anime(s)/Dramas/Manga: anime : pandora hearts,kamihcama karin,gakuen alice, vampire knight. drama : ... i dont watch any. manga: kamichama karin chu, gakuen alice.
Personality: kind, sweat, caring, oz's fan ( my idol ! x3 ) alwayse laughs
Favorite color: red
black , purple
Likes and Dislikes: likes: reading writing poems,poetry, laughing, cooking, & & friends ! . dislike: meanies, rude ppl , bullys, ppl who lie , ones who make rumors, cursing , ones who insults me ...
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Posted 8/30/09 , edited 8/31/09
Username: bantu [other act.- sukistars]
Nickname: Suki-chan
Age: 13
DOB: June 12
Favorite Anime(s)/Dramas/Manga:
Shugo chara, hanasakeru seishounen, ginban kaliedoscope, bleach, naruto shippuden, n sooo much more><!!!!
Dramas: Hana Kimi [both versions], Absolute boyfriend, Twilight, HP, romanctic princess, devil beside you
Mangas: too many><!!! ~here's some- The one, AAA, Arisa, Fly high!, I accept you, Kitchen princess, kamisama hajimemashita, love berrish, merupuri, nine puzzle, papillon - Hana to Chou, Watashi ni xx Shinasai, saint dragon girl, sora log, skip beat, shugo chara
Personality: nice, friendly, enthusiastic, humourous, fun^^
Favorite color: blue n red too
Likes and Dislikes: Likes: animes, mangas, music, my friends^^, my family [n my big cuzs], computer~lol xD
dislikes: bugs [especially cockroaches], murder, mean rude ppl, total weirdos, yuri/yoai couples
Posted 8/30/09 , edited 8/31/09
Username: sherylene
Nickname: shafiqa, berne >real name<
Age: 13
DOB: feb. 16
Favorite Anime(s)/Dramas/Manga: SHAKUGAN NO SHANA, detective conan
Personality: they say i'm smart but i don't think sO... if im addcited to anything it means im really addicted to it as in super...
Favorite color: violet, brown
Likes: anime... m2m
Dislikes: liars... yucky...
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20 / F / waiting for new R...
Posted 9/2/09 , edited 9/2/09
Username: shugochara_amu_chan
Nickname: K8
Age: 11
DOB: Jan 24
Favorite Anime(s)/Dramas/Manga: (GUess my first favorite anime i bet you can't guess it >>) Death Note, Gakuen Alice, CCS, Tsubasa Chronicles, Girl from Hell, Tora Dora, ETC ETC AND ETC
Personality: Imma kinda random i change subjects cause well i like ruining things (not the good things yeah) I'm kinda unpredictable
Favorite color: Blue!
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46 / M
Posted 9/25/09 , edited 9/26/09
Username: Kay.
Nickname: KayZOR
Age: 16 turning 17 in dec..
DOB: 25 12 1992
Favorite Anime(s)/Dramas/Manga: D.Gray-man, Bleach and Naruto.
Personality: Quiet.
Favorite color: Green/Black.
Likes and Dislikes: Like Honest people and dislike Arrogance people
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30 / F / Search Guard Suce...
Posted 11/5/09 , edited 11/5/09
Username: tricia_malay
Nickname: Rina
Age: 21
DOB: March 17, 1988
Favorite Anime(s)/Dramas/Manga: A lot, but i can't tell because it's a lot!
Personality: Artistic, childish, cheerful, wacky.
Favorite color: Any!
Likes and Dislikes: I don't like being in trouble but i love anything Shabby Chic & Heirloom!
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