Post Reply Do you have to be asian to be an ulzzang?
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Hi members.
I noe this group is like DEAD right now. But i hope some or at least all of you 2 have some input on this

Well, you don't have 2 b asian 2 b called an ulzzang.
But, in the other hand. U rarely see American gurls & guys giving the cuteness on pics.
I mean, some r hot & handsome. But they rarely take their pics close-up wit the pouty face, U noe

My guess is it all depends on the person. But Asian's r in it than other people around the globe.
Plus, Asian don't have double eye lid & their body r skinny plus face is smaller than other peeps.
I also think that the EMO Style is really nice. But obviously peeps been telling me that EMO style copied the Ulzzang Style. IDK about that.

Altho i'm asian. i'm not exactly an Ulzzang material. But if i put on some makeup tools, then i think i'll b @ that level. hehe

Let me hear wat u guys think about the question.
Do u have 2 b asian 2 b an ulzzang?
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I have to say that...I don't know if you guys are aware of this, but eyes vary in Asia. A lot of people of East Asian descent (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) are considered to have the so-called typical small eyes compared to most people of, say, Southeast Asian descent (Vietnamese, Thai, Filipino, etc.). I hope this makes sense.

I mean isn't that true???

since i was young, we all know that jap, chinese, korean are small eyes...

no wonder photoshop and contact lenses and any other stuff that will m8k your eye big... are so useful for korean and jap ulzzangs..

oh well, t

My answer to that is a big NO!![/b]

if you have the best face as what ulzzang mean.. then why not??
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