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30 / M / Land of darkness
Posted 8/7/09 , edited 8/7/09

Ironoside's Real Age & Semi-Final

Friday 26/06/2009

Yabis - 70 years old.....
Ironoside & Shino - huhhhhhhhh?
Shino - 70 years old?
Ironoside - hey old man are you sure?
Yabis - yes, and it’s completely not normal….
Ironoside – what do you means?
Yabis – you are Ultimate Power User right?
Ironoside – yes somehow…
Shino – huh? Really Ironoside?
Ironoside – yes…
Yabis – hmmmm you know now you are 70 but you look so much younger than the young normal Ultimate Power User ….
Shino – is this mean Ironoside is Special?
Yabis – yes you can say that hahahaha
Ironoside – hmmm…
(And they start to talk about normal thing….)
(When their talk finish Ironoside and Sino start to get ready to leave)
Shino – bye Mr.Yabis, I will tell my mom that I meet you
Yabis – ok and thanks for being here…
(Shino goes outside)
Ironoside – thanks for the information
Yabis – oh it’s ok, Ironoside ...
Ironoside – yes?
Yabis – that time when I touched you I had dangerous feeling…
Ironoside –?!!!!
Yabis – hmmm….all I can say now is just be careful, those feelings were not normal
Ironoside - …
(Outside of store)
(Ironoside comes out from the store)
Shino – thanks to Yabis now we know you are 70 years old hahaahah old man
Ironoside – yeah hahahah
Shino – maybe he was wrong…
Ironoside – I don’t know that too, anyway let’s back it will be dark soon…
(In the way back Kora was waiting for Shino)
Kora – Princess where you left I got worry
Shino – sorry I was with Ironoside
Kora – thanks god you are safe let’s back fast before your family get worry
(And when he wanted to leave with Shino)
Ironoside – Kora right?
Kora – yes…
Ironoside – tomorrow …be careful
Kora – ah same for you Ironoside….
Shino –Ironoside thanks for today, see you tomorrow
(Kora and Shino left)
Ironoside – tomorrow …
(Hayo’s Castle)
Kagomi – that guy know a lot…
Shitoro – ..Yabis he is good
Kagomi – did he find out about Ironoside’s Darkness Power?
Shitoro – no he didn’t, but he found out some of Ironoside’s real feeling…
Kagomi – how can you see all of that clearly father?
Shitoro – Hayo’s Power can do anything Kagomi and finding details around the earth is simple thing that my Hayo Power can do
Kagomi – Hayo have such Power… such unlimited ability… but Ironoside….
(back to the hotel)
(Ironoside came)
Ayoma – hiiii
Ironoside – hi
Dani – hey say what we went to semi-final too
Ironoside – good.
Ayoma – hope to see you in final Ironoside
Ironoside – I wish to see both of you in final too
Dani – {…Final hmm… is that mean I have do it in final…}
(The next day Morning)
Dani – by the way Ironoside, yesterday when you throw the two swords in the sky and then you let them to fall on the ground without doing anything , why you did that?
Ayoma – yeah that’s what I wanted to ask too
Dani – hhmme now after I asked him you remembered?
(Ayoma hit Dani)
Ironoside – hahaah today you will know why
(Ironoside starts to move)
Ayoma – huh!!!! Hmmm ok
(Ayoma Follows him too)
Dani – oh hmmm…. Tomorrow hmmm….
(At tournament place)
Shino – hi everyone
Ayoma – oh Shino hi
Dani – oh Ironoside’s love…
(Ayoma hit Dani’s Head)
Ironoside – hi. How are you?
Shino – fine, let’s go and get ready the fight will starts soon
Ayoma – me and Dani will go in Spectators to cheer for you two
Dani – and who said I will do that
(Ayoma catch Dani’s ear in her hand while she starts leaving)
Ayoma – do your best
Dani – ayayayay……
(Ayoma and Dani left)
Shino – lets go..
(They start to move)
Ironoside – Shino
Shino – yes…
Ironoside – Shino…starts the battle with full attack like yesterday
Shino – ok but don’t you think same attacks will be …
Ironoside – Don’t worry just believe in me
(Ironoside Smiled at her)
(They reach the Gate, Otara and Kora were there also)
Otara – Little sister better for you to not fight with us today
Shino – we will see big sister
Kora – hope we have good match
(The gate Starts to open)
Ironoside – oh yeah for sure………
(They all start to move toward the Fighting Circuit)……….

End Ironoside-Season01-Chapter28

Writer : Ironoside
Posted 8/7/09 , edited 8/7/09
>>( now you are 70 but you look so much younger than the young normal Ultimate Power User ….
)WHATTTTTTTTTTTT ..ok ok we have dragon ..a kid dragon.. i see extra shock..
( Dani – oh Ironoside’s love…) he really like to bring the troubles to himself
finally the battle that i waited will start..o interesting to see 2 princess fight against each other addition to see ironoside try to reback the pay to Kora............waiting 2 read it ..
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20 / M / Malaysia
Posted 8/7/09 , edited 8/7/09
when the next chapter????i cant wait for it
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24 / F / Alabama
Posted 8/9/09 , edited 8/10/09
oldie, lol niiicce keep it up
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Cemetery (UAE)
Posted 4/10/10 , edited 4/10/10
My My our hero turned out to be an old man what a shock
ok old man lets see what u got !! it should be better worth 2 show us a perfect and excited match goodluck both of u especially u old man u need it hahahh
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