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I will start....

Hi. my name is Sophia. i am nice, sweet , caring, loves animals, and eating.. yum. xD i am sometimes hyper. lol =]
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hi my name is sandra i amm nice funny(not to b concieted lol) n sweet hmm im like candy :O lol im hyper n random xD plz take care of me *bows*
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hey i am starla, yes it is my real name...i am nice or mean at times, i am HONEST so yeah,kinda slow,weird
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i'm sandra i'm nice sweet omg i have this laugh that makes ppl lol 2 like i was in class and this kid said nice but like sorta chocked and it made me lol i almost made th teach lol 2 but then she was like sabdra do u need to go out side an then after class i started cracking up. i listen to ppl i can be funny my best friend will always be my cuz carlos idk y but were like bestys i do have other bff but carlos has been the longest bff i have ever had other things about me i like sports nd i may bee fat but if i can still play tag ang jog around the track 2 times then i consider my self fine oh and i'm also preaty tall 5'8" or 5'9" oh yea and i'm 13 in turning 14 and then15 and my quincenera is going to bee my lasr b-day party i like lil kids when there not crying i have a lil bro hes 2 he can bee anoying but does the cutest and funnyest things (i cant spell that well i think its cause i didnt graduate ell that stands 4 english language learner when i was in elementry) and thats about it i always heard ppl say i'm funny i hate having enemys but if i do have an enemy then oh well i like twiligt i'm a going to read the books twice idk wat else to say about myself o yea i sometimes like talking about myself and i sorta feel retarded rite now idk y i do. i can be slow an yea i am wierd and i think being wierd is cool and good i cry when i c sumin sad happen or tink of sumin sad i mlike dancing and music and singing but not that much sumtimes i'm at home and i'm cleaning and my music is all the way up and i start singing and then you can hear me singing all the way a cross the street and you can hear our music . i also like movies i like the scary ones and the funny ones
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Hello im freeze im fun and energetic luv to talk but know when too stop ummmim nice to everyone,luv movies and sweets and luv meeting new people plus love twilight*smiles*
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