Post Reply Does Rob hate Kristen's new 'do?
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KRISTEN'S NEW 'DO!!! whoa!!

Right after filming wrapped on New Moon photographers caught Kristen walking around LA with darker punk haircut she got for her roker role in The Runerways. People immediately began whispering about what Rob WOULD think. Well, we're setting the recored straight ---- Rob doesn't care what Kristen does with her hair.! "Kristen's a cool person," Spills Rob.

~the truth is, they love each other for what's on the inside, and not what's on their heads!

[ ] Truth


[ ] Rumor
and tell us what you think. and why.?
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i think if she has a bf rob really doesnt need to be worrying over her head her bf should;p
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yepp yepp i agree its really none of robs buisness but who knows rob may love her new hair style
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true to both of you i guess if he likes it he likes it
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