Arina Tanemura and her work
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Posted 8/8/09 , edited 8/8/09
Well, I don't think anyone posted this yet. Lock/delete if this was already posted.

Anyways, we're talking about Tanemura's work, what you think of it, could it have been better?, what do you think are the flaws in her work?, why you think the series is great,all that stuff. And how you got into it.

Please explain why you like her work, other than just saying 'because she's the best!' at least try to explain. I'm sure you do these kind of explaining things at school.

I think her best work is Full Moon wo Sagashite. It really brought lots of drama, make sense and there was a hint af sadness at the end with Eichi. What I really dislike about Tanemura's work is setting EVERYONE up together. It's like out of reality you know? A happy ending like that isn't really what happens in reality does it? I know most of you would get angry and upset if a character dies, but you can't really say you've never experienced a loved one's death have you? And then some of you get really stupid and throw a fit when a series starts to end, just like a character's end. And I guess it's alright for Full Moon to have an ending almost like that, since the whole point of the series was for Mitsuki to keep on living, and let go of Eichi.

As for her art style, it's alright. It's improved since Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne. The eyes are very detailed. but, my I wouldn't really take that style, but this is the kind of style Tanemura has, not me. Her coloring is really good though. I wish I would be albe to color like that someday. As for the everyone with the same face is alright with me. Drawing every character with a different face is difficult to do, so it's alright. I really kike how she does the hair on her characters, it's like beautiful.

I first got into Full Moon wo Sagashite in 2004-2005-ish. I saw if before Viz official released it. A friend of mine on another forum introduced it to me. I read the first chapter and fell in love. After that I read her other series. They weren't really as good as Full Moon really, well except for Time Stranger Kyoko. That series was simple and short. And after Full Moon was in the U.S, I think that's where the fanbase for her grew so popular.

Anyways, this is what I think of her work. This is just my opinion. Don't take it personality.

So, what do you guys think of her work?
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Posted 8/8/09 , edited 8/9/09
Well, I think her works are pretty common and normal like the other Shoujo anime's and manga. That's all I can say for now, since I only have watched one or 2 anime's from her.
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Posted 8/8/09 , edited 8/9/09
I love her art style but I wish the plots weren't so boring.
Posted 8/9/09 , edited 8/9/09
I love Arina Tanemura's works! ^^ I have only read her more recent series, but the unique drawings (pretty eyes... *_* I can tell right away that it's her drawing style whenever I see it =D) and the scenes (it's true that the plots are similar to other shoujo mangas, but a lot of the scenes in her series are so sweet!! x3 Makes me go "awwwww" xD)

Well, the fact that the male lead always looks the same could be improved. xD Or at least Takuto, Takanari/Shizumasa and the Prince from Sakurahime Kaden.

I got into her series because a lot of my friends watched Full Moon wo Sagashite and they recommended it to me. =) Shinshi Doumei Cross is pretty famous too so I read it and got hooked. ^^

I really like Full Moon wo Sagashite, but it made me cry so much and I guess it's a matter of opinion, but I'm not a fan of sad manga (but FMS is an exception, of course =3). Shinshi Doumei Cross is my favorite of all her manga~!! =D

I agree with you with the fact sometimes, it is unrealistic. I didn't really notice it though at first because I'm so used to shoujo manga being like that. xD
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