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Yeah, I've had this idea rolling around in my head as long as I've been working on Family Affair (which will still be updated now that I'm re-motivated), but just got to fine-tuning and really planning out recently. As a result of my thought process, it has 3 different versions: Hero version (Has the most moral fiber, no character deaths and is overall like most Sonic games), Evil version (Has heavy character death and even rape. I can tell this is gonna be a harder story to write), and neutral version (A couple of characters die -probably only ones I find annoying-, there's a lot of theft and survivalist thinking, but it's got some moral fiber to it). I'm currently working on the neutral version, so that's the one I'll be uploading. If all goes well, I expect to have one chapter uploaded per week. Hope someone's around to read it.
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26 / M / A calmer place th...
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Chapter 0- This chapter is shared by all storylines and is where they start to divulge... Well more like break out running as fast as hell in 3 different directions, but you get the point. Also, it's extra long. Like, it's the longest chapter I've had thus far

“Mwahahahahaha!!” Rings the maniacal laughter throughout the laboratory. “I have done it! I have replicated the power of a Chaos Emerald and created my own, stronger Emerald!” The mad scientist brags to no one in particular. “But not without it's own special...additions. With this, I will finally defeat Sonic the Hedgehog! And I won't have to lift a finger to do it!! Mwahahaahahahaaha!!!!!”

The Next Day

Sonic is running through the city as usual, just chilling when he hears a plane fly above head. He looks up to see the ol' Tornado and its two-tailed pilot waving down at him.

“Hey, Sonic!!” Tails shouts as he pulls along side him.

“What's up, Tails?” Sonic asks, not slowing down one bit.

“It's Eggman!” Sonic sighs as he thinks of taking on the mad scientist Dr. Eggman AGAIN for the 1000th time.

“What is it this time?”

“You know that Chaos Emerald that was stolen from Amy not too long ago?”

“The one I had just let her borrow earlier that day? Yeah, what about it?”

“ may wanna just look at this.” Tails holds an envelope out of the Tornado that Sonic snatches out of his hand before he can blink again. He tears open the envelope and reads the short, simple message inside.

“Watch any TV at 11 AM Saturday for information on your precious Chaos Emerald.
-Signed Dr. Robotnik”

“Huh, simple enough.” Sonic throws the paper to the wind.

“Sonic, it's 10:58 now!” Tails says.

“Plenty of time!” Sonic grins and takes off to the center of the city where the big screen lays. “Now how am I gonna kill 2 minutes?” He thinks. As soon as he does, the News on the screen begins flickering and the voice of the anchorman becomes distorted.

“It's a little early, don't 'cha think?” the sexy voice comments. From the sky, Rouge appears.

“Suits me just fine. I didn't wanna wait anyways.”

“Don't start, don't start!!” a gruff voice shouts. Knuckles comes rushing out of nowhere, looking ragged.

“Hey, Knucklehead. What took ya?”

“Why you...!” Knuckles cocks his fist.

“OK, that's enough, boys. Break it up.” Rouge steps between them and forces Knuckles' fist down.

“What's SHE doing here?!”

“Didn't ya know? I'm fragile, so she's my emotional support.” Sonic cracks.

“I bet she's here for the same reason we all are.” Tails says, running up to Sonic.

“The Chaos Emerald.” says a voice that shocks everyone.

“Shadow! When'd you get here!?” Rouge cries, tryin' to recover her breath from the scare.

“It's starting.” He says instead.

“Greetings, Sonic the Hedgehog and friends. I have the Chaos Emerald you have been looking for! I've put it in this location.” A map with a red star in town briefly replaces Eggman's face.

“Sonic, that's the old bus yard.” Tails whispers.

“Thanks, Tails.”

“First one to reach it can have it. Good luck!”

On that note, the broadcast ends.

“Outta my way!!” Knuckles shouts, racing off not even a full second after the broadcast is gone.

“Later!” Sonic says as he takes off. “Bus yard, bus yard. That's a little bit southeast from here, isn't it?” No sooner than the thought is done does Eggman's humanoid robots start falling in. “If I didn't know then, I do now.” He spin dashes through a line of them in his way before jumping up, catching a pole and swinging off of it. “Wahoooo!!” He shouts as he falls. His feet touch the floor and he's off again. “Now that's something I haven't seen in a while.” He thinks at the bee robots flying at him right now. He jumps up and homing attacks them in the blink of an eye and keeps going. “It can't be far now.” He almost runs into a bus, but slides under it just in time. “Owowowowowow friction burns!!!” The Chaos Emerald is shining brightly in front of him now. “Heh, mine!” He reaches out to grab it when he's hit from behind.

“I think you're mistaken, Sonic the Hedgehog.” Shadow says, picking himself up after the homing attack. “That Chaos Emerald is mine.” He snatches it out off the ground.

“No way, it's mine!” Sonic dives and grabs the Emerald in Shadow's hands. Next second, all thoughts are gone.


“Uh man, mom's gonna kill me for spendin' all that time just gettin' milk and butter.” I think as I run at full speed trying to get home. My mom sent me out for this stuff damn near an hour ago and she knows it's only a 10 minute walk to the store and another 10 to come back. Now she's gonna be askin' what the hell I did with the extra 40 minutes cause she knows I'm a “go in, grab my shit, get out” kinda shopper. To be honest, I was chattin' with my girl. The conversion got a lil'...heavy, and I didn't notice the time. Now she's probably had a lil' girl with the voice of 2 kids screaming about her breakfast for the past half hour, so she's not in the best of moods. Oh well, no use dwelling.

“Hey! If I cut through this useless bus yard, I can at least cut down on my time a little.” I jump the fence and keep running. All a sudden, I can hear grunts and flesh fiercely hittin' flesh. “What the hell?” I can't past this up. I'm already in trouble, what's a little more? I prop the groceries up behind a bus wheel and take off towards the fight. When I get there, it's like a blue blur flies right by me. And into the bus next to me. Lying in the hole in the bus, lies a blue hedgehog. “Hey, ain't that Sonic the Hedgehog?”

“Hey man, what's goin' on?” I say to him. He picks himself out of the crater and flies right back into it. “Pft, nice meetin' you too, bastard.” I grunt. I look at the dude he's fighting and my brain just stops working. “OK, the News says Sonic and Shadow don't always see eye-to-eye, but I don't think they have a reason to be beating each other's brains out!” I think. But there it is in front of me, flying quills, spilling blood, remorseless attacking with their bare hands. In both their hands lie a gem, an emerald I think. “Wait a sec, they're not seriously fighting over a Chaos Emerald, are they?” Yep, they are. Both of them got death grips on that thing and it doesn't look like they'll be lettin' go anytime soon. Which means I'm gonna have ta break this up. I run straight at them and grab the Emerald.

“Alright, guys, this ain't that serious.” They both glare at me. The world starts dancin' for a sec, but I just shake it off. “Seriously, guys, knock it off.” Next thing I know, it feels like I've got electricity flowing through me and I'm flying back. I crash into something and the world goes dark.

Right After

“Ugh, what happened?” Shadow asks.

“You tell me.” Sonic groans. “I remember diving for...something, I can't remember, and the world throwin' the off switch on me.”

“I remember knocking you to the ground for something and that's it.”

“Sonic!” Tails shouts, hovering over with his tails. “What happened!?”

“We don't know. Something happened and the next thing we know, we're sitting here bruised and bloody.”

“Are you OK?”

“What about the Chaos Emerald!?” Knuckles shouts, plowing through a bus.

“It must've been a trap by Dr. Eggman. It's not here.” Shadow says.


“Let's go get you patched up, Sonic.” Tails says. “Knuckles, would you mind helping out with Shadow?”

“I'm fine.” Shadow interjects. “See ya.” He skates away before anyone can stop him. Tails sighs

“What are we gonna do with him?” he says while shaking his head. “At the very least, let's get Sonic out of here.”

“I'm fine, Tails.” Sonic says. “Never better.”

“SONIC!!” A girl's voice cries.

“OK, nevermind! Get me outta here NOW!” Sonic says, running to the Tornado. Tails climbs in right after him and flies away. Amy arrives in the bus yard not even 10 seconds after they've left.

“Oh darn! Just missed him.” She keeps running along. Knuckles just walks away, all the while no one noticed the unconscious boy buried under a load of garbage and bus parts.

3 hours later

“Ugh. My head.” I groan, picking myself up out of all that crap. “Man that's gonna smart tomorrow.” I can feel the Emerald in my hand. “Well, as long as I've got this, they won't fight over it anymore.” I think. I stash it in my pocket and make my way back to my groceries. They're warm, but not as warm as they would've been had they been in the sunlight. “I must've been out for a while. Mom's really gonna kill me now. She's not gonna believe I got knocked out stoppin' a fight between 2 famous hedgehogs!” I groan again. “Well, let's get this over with.” I pick up the bag and start running. And almost crash immediately. “Woah, where did the sudden speed burst come from?!” I say. I shrug it off and start runnin' again. Next thing I know, I'm home. “Seriously, what's wrong with me? It's not like this is a MMORPG I can lag badly in.” I grab my keys and unlock the door.

“Look, before you start yellin' at me, I can explain.” I shout as soon as the door's open. I can literally hear my mom round the corner.

“You better have a damn good...” Suddenly she freezes, mid-sentence, mid-motion, hell, maybe even mid-thought.

“What? I still got some crap on me from the bus yard?” I walk by and put the milk and butter in the fridge.

“Ya, ya, ya, ya, ya.” She stutters.

“Yeah?” I start brushing myself over. Hold the phone, something feels off. I put my hand to my hair. It's fleshy. I look down at my torso. I'm not wearing any clothes and I'm black. I'm also bleeding out my chest. “Woah!” I go to the bathroom to get some gauze for that 'cause it doesn't look like a bandage is gonna cut it. I go under the sink and grab the gauze, some alcohol, and some peroxide and look in... the...mirror. That can't be me in the mirror. I'm a tan color with short red hair, brown eyes and an average built. The thing in the mirror is a black hedgehog with purple tipped quills, green eyes and skinny armed and legged. Yet, it moves its arm the way I move my arm, it raises its leg when I do, hell, it even slaps itself when I do. And it's bleeding from the chest.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!” I scream. I trip over myself and scramble backwards. I'm... a hedgehog.

“Konosuke, why are you screaming?” I can hear my 7 year old sister, Yikio, call out. I can hear her footsteps grow nearer and nearer, but I'm still too panicked to do anything like, oh, close the door, though the thought did occur to me. “” Her expression starts to degrade fast and she starts screaming uncontrollably. That makes me stop panicking.

“Yikio, calm down. It's me!” I don't think I'm loud enough, cause she didn't hear me. “Oh yeah, she's really scared of blood, so maybe if I clean myself up a bit, she'll turn down the volume.” I grab my bath towel and wipe off the blood. Now that that's off, I can see the bleeding's actually stopped, though I do have a pretty impressive X-shaped scar on my chest now. The vibrant red of it kinda makes it stand out against all the black. “Better?” Apparently not 'cause she's still screaming. I slide by her to get to mom.

“Mom, can you get Yikio to stop screaming her lungs out?” I ask.

“Get AWAY!!” She shouts. She grabs the broom and starts trying to spear me on it.

“Woah, Mom, calm down!” I shout, dancing around the strikes.

“STOP CALLIN' ME MOM! I DIDN'T RAISE NO GIANT ANIMALS!!” I feel a bit hollow. Like a gaping hope just appeared in the place I used to put family in.

“What will you do now?”
A female voice asks. Great, now I'm insane too. “Kid, trust me when I say you're not crazy. I'll explain later, for now, you may wanna get outta here before your mom gets something a little more fatal.” The voice made sense, so I ran out the door. Still doing that super speed thing. I ended up back in the bus yard.

“OK, you said you'd explain?” I tell the voice. “Cause I could really use a good explanation right now. Like who are you for one?”

“Take out the Emerald in your pocket.” How the hell I have a pocket when I've got no clothes, I dunno, but I do, so I take out the Emerald. “Hello.” The Emerald glows while the voice talks. Well, that's that. “Hm, I was expecting a little more, I dunno, surprise that an Emerald is talking to you in your head.”

“Meh, whatever. So what now?” Before we can delve any further into that, the wind starts seriously pickin' up and I look up to find the source. It's just a little pod-like thing with a dude with a long ass mustache in it.

So begins
Montage the Hybrid
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Montage the Hybrid: Neutral Story
Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3
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