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(A)Room 4 (Annapolis)

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Posted 10/4/09 , edited 10/4/09

Sekiri wrote:

Pantsu-Chan wrote:

Sekiri wrote:

Pantsu-Chan wrote:

say what?!?
that's just... I dunno... how is that guy anyway??

The mystery guy? *think think think*

....OH!!! That guy tried to kill me!!! *crosses arms* Just cause I told him that he looks like a rapist! *pout pout pout*

he is a mad man!
What is wrong with mamma?? *confused*

I know! H-He had a gun, and he pointed it at me fully loaded!

Mom must be desperate or something, cause there is no way that anyone else on earth would want that Vash guy! *pouts*

Gawd momma must be CRAZY!! *shocked*
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