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Posted 8/10/09 , edited 8/10/09

Ironoside VS Kora & Shino VS Otara-Part1

Friday 10/07/2009

(5 years ago “Otara & Shino”)
(Shino and Otara are having training fight, in that time Shino had no Ultimate power but Otara was in level 1 …)
(Otara defeated Shino)
Shino – you are very strong sis
Otara – why?
Shino – I always lose in front of u
Otara – you are able to became strong too
Shino – means I can defeat you one day?
Otara – maybe but you must work hard
Shino – ok...
(Back to real time)
(Ironoside makes the two swords stop from attacking and draws them back)
(Ironoside moves toward Kora & Shino moves toward Otara)
Otara – {Shino…}
Kora – {Ironoside…}
Ironoside – lets see who is the stronger between us
Kora – as you like….
(Ironoside attacks Kora With two Swords)
(Kora is using his Full energy to stop the swords from attacking him)
(Ironoside draws the other two swords and he wanted to attacks Kora by himself too)
Kora – {oh no if he tries to attack also means I have to block 4 Swords and that’s impossible …}
(Kora hits Ironoside with two Swords hard, then he jumps back)
(Kora Straight his hand toward Ironoside)
Kora –Fire..
(From his hand Fire comes toward Ironoside, but Ironoside blocks the attack with those two swords that were fighting Kora)
Ironoside – is that all you can do?
Kora –…
(In the other side of Fighting Circuit)
Otara – Shino do you really think you can defeat me
Shino – I still can try right?
Otara – huh?
(From Shino side Wood’s attack starts to move toward Otara but Otara destroys Shino’s attack by her Wood’s attack)
Shino – not done yet..
(She again attacks)
Otara – it seems you don’t understand
(Otara used her Wood attacks toward Shino)
(Otara’s attacks destroyed Shino’s attack, but that attack was strong enough to hit Shino and thrown her back on the Ground)
Otara- so?
Shino – starts to stand up
(Otara begina to remember)
(5 years ago In Green Castle, King’s Hall)
(Soldier came in)
Soldier – My lord little princess has run again from her room
Onas – hahahaaha
Otara – did you find her?
Soldier –No, we didn’t .but we are searching and we will find her soon
(Otara goes out)
Onas – {..}
(Otara moves to training place and saw Shino there she was training alone)
Otara –again……you came here…
(Shino was going to fall on the ground because she was so tired but Otara catches her)
(Back to real time…)
Otara – it seems you don’t know what give up means….
(Kora & Ironoside’s Fight)
(Ironoside attacks Kora with his four Swords [two that was in his hand and the othe rtwo from sky])
(Ironoside was controlling the fight and Kora was just defending)
(Ironoside with an attack Scratch Kora’s body then he stops his attack)
Ironoside – do you still think you can win?
Kora - yes, I will
Ironoside – so will you Use all you have against me
Kora – …
Ironoside – don’t tell me that is all you have
Kora -…
Ironoside – I don’t have extra time to waste on you then…
(Ironoside stops his controlling on the two Swords which were on the sky and they fall on the Ground)
Kora -!!!
Ironoside – I want to defeat you with those two swords on my hand…without using my power
(Ironoside prepares himself to attack)
Kora –why?
Ironoside – that time…
(Ironoside remembering)
...(but from behind a hand touched Ironoside)
...Kora - this is for dare to attack princess. Full Power Fire Attack
...(Ironoside body completely burned like wood that charred)
(Back to real time)
Ironoside – that time you attacked me and you beat me
Kora –I….
Ironoside – I will not redo like what you done before. At this moment the important thing for me is to defeat you and to prove that I am the stronger, I want to show you that I could make it that day but I didn’t had a chance, so now I will be like that day.
Kora – in another word you want to settle this without your new Power?
Ironoside – exactly
Kora – and I must use my power here?
Ironoside – You have too, now I want everything like that time…
Kora – {in normal fight I won’t accept this unfair fight but here because I own for him I will do as he wants to}
(Kora gots ready too)
Kora - then prepare yourself...

End Ironoside-Season01-Chapter30

Writer : Ironoside
Posted 8/10/09 , edited 8/10/09
Korewa nandesu ka?:huh:

(Ironoside moves toward Kora & Shino moves toward Otara)
Otara – {Shino…}
Kora – {Ironoside…}

Lol... knight’s battle .face 2 face ..Sorewa iidesu ne.!!
any way good luck writer and keep your hard work ........waiting the next chapter
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Posted 8/11/09 , edited 8/11/09
whoo! susspeeennssse!
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Cemetery (UAE)
Posted 4/10/10 , edited 4/11/10
i started 2 hate when all of the characters try to remember the events that happend in the past what could i say !! its important to the story and the readers to know about their life so kanae shut the hell up and keep ur comments 2 ur self gurl ..

Continue writer u are doing a good job
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