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Yuto: This month’s guest is Takaki-kun~!

Yuto&Yuuri&Yuya: Yaaaa~y ♪

Yuuri: (He’s) YY Club’s first guest.

Yuya: Iya iya, thank you very much.

Yuto: … It’s fun enough with just the two of us. OOO YUTO IS JEALOUS XD

Yuuri: Right?

Yuto: (To the staff) Why do we even have a guest?

Yuya: Retard-! I’ll go home (laughs).

Yuto: I'm kidding, kidding! I’m actually really glad♪. This month, let’s work hard as, “Yuto&Yuuri&Yuya’s YYY Club”

Yuya: I’ve been reading the YY club’s every month. Before, wasn’t it really visual? Both of you say really cute stuff. This time, I came to break all the cute stuff you say!

Yuuri: Go home, go hooome- (laughs).

Yuto: Let’s put that aside. This month’s theme is “Surprise”.

Yuya: Oh, that’s me. See (and points to self) I’m a surprise guest.

Yuuri: Is Yuya considered a surprise?

Yuto: Uhmmmmmmmmm~~~~~~ (thinking).

Yuya: I’m leaving (laughs).

Yuto&Yuuri: Well well well well (ß calms Yuya)

Yuuri: What’s the biggest surprise you’ve experienced, Yuya?

Yuya: Um- what would it be…

Yuuri: If you can tell a good story, you can become a YY Club regular.

Yuto: But in return, either me or Chii will be “Sayonara~” (laughs). Btw sayonara= bye bye.

Yuuri: There’s a lot of Y’s in JUMP. Yabu, Yaotome, Yamada.. You’ll never know when one of us changes places to become part of the “YY.”

Yuto: Then when is the “YYYYYYY CLUB” going to be in session.

Yuuri: Uwaa-, it seems so loud~! (laughs). He means the talks and stuff

Yuya: Shouldn’t we talk about the “surprise”? Is it always like this?

Yuuri: Do you have a problem?

Yuya: Of course I do! Anyways, my biggest surprise ever is Hey! Say! JUMP’s birth & debut.

Yuto: Oooo, right!

Yuya: because we didn’t know who was in it until we were all standing on that stage, right?

Yuto: Yeah yeah yeah.

Yuya: On that day, I remember we just all remembered, “Ultra Music Power”’s lyrics and dance because that’s what we had to do.

Yuuri: I’m pretty sure our debut was a surprise to the fans, but it was a big surprise to us as well, right.

Yuya: Really. It was the biggest surprise ever.

Yuya: But if you’re in this world, you’ll be surrounded by surprises. The first time I was in a mgazine, the first time I held a mike and sang, the time when JUMP became the volleyball special supporter, all of them were filled with, “Eh!?”

Yuuri: When we were in concert-season and the people in the headphones said to us, “Say: “We’ll be doing a concert in Tokyo Dome” “ it was the first time any of us heard that.

Yuto: At that time, the always-calm Yabu-kun suddenly froze (laughs).

Yuri: But we always want to deliver surprises to our fans, ne. SO AN ALBUM!? THAT’S A HUGE SURPRISE XDD

Yuto: A place where we can combine our dreams and surprises.

Yuri: Yes. We don’t know anything about the future, but it’s good to have heart-pounding surprises here and there.

Yuya: That’s good, it’s really visual- (laughs). I think that’s what he’s saying o.o

Yuuri: Eh, Yuya, you don’t think that?

Yuto: He might not be thinking that way. Since he’s an adult.

Yuya: No, I am thinking that!!! If you say stuff like that, I’ll go home (laughs).

Yuuri: Then we’ll go home too.

Yuto: Yes. Bye bye~♪

Yuya: Eh… Is that ending fine in YY Club…? (laughs).

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Posted 8/10/09 , edited 8/10/09
so 3 Y add Yama too
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