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Rant about the MMORPG you play/played
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Posted 3/4/10 , edited 3/4/10
I've revisited RO twice or thrice. The first time I ever played was actually on the international server when it was on beta, but my sorry piece of junk I used to use as my computer couldn't handle its now obsolete graphics. Played later on a private server... EliteRO I think, but got bored of it fast because I played alone. Then I played with friends on other private servers and made hats and such, It was fun =) Then played again last year on essenceRO and it was my best experience on RO ever. I love that server... Although everything is about camping MVPs and having a diverse party/guild and getting the top gear...

WoW imo is still the best MMORPG out there. It has a non-linear plot you can follow from both factions, extensive world for you to explore (sometimes a bit too extensive, but it's breath taking, I never really complained). I loved the PVP system, and the large scale battles. Raids were awesome fun too but I only ever played on a private server and have no idea what it's like on the real pay-to-play servers. I have a very high opinion of it though, but I agree with what ppl said before about it being a HUUUUUGE time sink. WoW seriously RUINS LIVES.

I played MS for a very long time and went back to it twice but it is now of my opinion that I wasted at least 2 years of my life (collectively) on that piece of crap. The grinding gets unbelievably ridiculous as the experience required for leveling is EXPONENTIAL. I can't understand how anyone can put in the time to get to whatever level cap is right now (is it still 200?) without botting. I wasted time and MONEY on Nexon cards and the MS TCG... I feel like such an idiot about it now... Only thing it has going for it is the cute sprites, everything else sucks... AND NO PVP!

Recently I played Fantasy Earth: Zero hosted by Gamepot and developed by Square Enix (and also currently being advertised by the Crunchyroll front page which is how I came to know about it). I MUST WARN EVERYONE TO NOT TOUCH IT. My friend and I were very excited about trying it since we're both Square Enix fans, but we were DEEPLY DEEPLY disappointed. Even though the game was out since 2006 in Japan and in other Asian countries, there is still this broken "open beta" needed for its American/International release, which raises some warning signs. The gameplay is very user unfriendly. The only fun part was heading into the 50vs50 battles for the first time and it quickly becomes mundane and feels like a waste of time. Not to mention the graphics suck, and the leveling is horrible. There aren't even stat points to add! And it takes up an incredible amount of disk space... I uninstalled it the day after I installed it. Seriously, maybe Square Enix should stick to one player games, because this was a HUGE FAIL...
Posted 3/9/10 , edited 3/10/10
RAN online,,,,......^^V
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Posted 3/26/10 , edited 3/26/10

The_Faint_Smile wrote:

RAN online,,,,......^^V

rant about it...
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Posted 3/28/10 , edited 3/29/10
Good OLD Anarchy Online because you need to do math before you can put on your clothing. Ah the joys of laddering implants so that i can ladder more implants so that i can twink on every last ounce of gear that i can possibly utilize, and don't forget that you have to beable to put together the better gear so its time to farm farm farm
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Posted 4/2/10 , edited 4/3/10
One word for all MMO I ever played "LAGG"
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Posted 4/6/10 , edited 4/6/10
Have you tried this MMO?
No?! Then what are you waiting for, start right away.
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Posted 5/2/10 , edited 5/3/10
MapleStory - Like what you guys have said, it's the same thing over and over again when you get high levels (or maybe not). I regretted (very) buying cash to customize my characters. Now i feel that it's useless.. It's only a SMALL piece of clothes for the character and its not even unlimited. lol >.>

WonderKing - It's better than Maplestory. But after i reached 2nd job, i got bored of it. Yes, it was cute with pretty skills, but because of the quests, i quit WK. Because some of the quests are pissing me off.. Like this particular quest that told me to kill a mob and get the thing it drops. I killed many of it but the drop rates was like wth. Plus the mobs was like a few spawns only in that map. -.-

Grand Fantasia - I saw the ad in crunchyroll and i started downloading it. But after playing for like 2 hours, i deleted it immediately. :|
I find it super boring... Well maybe it's just me.

MU online - Easy to level during early levels. But after my account got deleted FOR NOTHING (i was level 56+ at that time), i quit MU already.

Dragonica - Fun. The only thing i hate is the grinding and low exp rate after you get higher levels. You need to grind for like 5 levels or more to go to a different mission map. Although its fun that you did not need to train alone. You train with your party members which makes it less boring.
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Posted 9/9/10 , edited 9/9/10
I really hate Fallen Earth because you can't even repair your weapons and armor.
Posted 9/10/10 , edited 9/10/10

'Kay, here goes.

I just got off of playing D&D Online....I thought it was a great game, until I found out a few things.
A) Free-to-play characters can only get up to lvl 4 (WTF!?!?!?!??!?!??!?!?), unless looting for certain items.
B) Certains raids/quests have to be bought to be played. ?.?

While being only two things, it was A) that pissed me off the most. I can understand certain quests having to be bought, that way you keep up a kind of revenue, as well as special items having to be bought online. But advertising that your game is now "Free" and then putting restrictions like that on the ones who do play for free? That's a little aggravating.

Also, since Turbine (the client that allows free downloads), merged with Warner Brothers not too long ago, I wonder what other restrictions there are going to be for "free" players.
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Posted 9/10/10 , edited 9/11/10
Almost every Korean MMO I've ever played.

They start off in a good premise... Usually they have some gimmick going for them. But then they just get... repetitive. I don't know, but at least to me they fall flat really quick.

Only one that kept my interest for a pretty long while was S4 League. My only complaint about that one is the lack of features.
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Posted 2/24/11 , edited 2/24/11

redmallows wrote:

One word for all MMO I ever played "LAGG"

maybe a new comp or better internet will help you with that :)

anyway.. i play wow, not much at all. it's a decent game, fun to do some instances and so on. pvp is good ^^

i recently tried SUN online, really good game. fast exp, short quests, intence fights.

maplestory - fun and cute game. too much grinding tho ^w^

grand fantasia - really fun game, kept playing it for a while. still got it installed but i just never log in :P

Lunia, pretty diferent game but it's great when you dont have anything to do cus you get easily addicted for the moment and 5 hours seems like 1 :)

well i've tried almost every free mmorps i've found so far, but i'm having hard times really getting into a game xD
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