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Posted 8/10/09 , edited 8/10/09
This forum talks about all the shugo chara characters and more!
Hope you can have fun!
See ya!

Shugo Chara

Shugo Chara!Hinamori Amu, a fifth grader saw a show on T.V and said it was ridiculous.She wished instead of keep on saying "ridiculous".The next day, she found some eggs and had to take them with her to Seiyo Academy. The Guardians-Tadase, Nadeshiko, Kuukai and Yaya- saw Amu and her eggs.Tadase saw them first and then asked Amu something(which is a half sentence), but Amu slapped Tadase's hand.
Everyone, the guardians and even Tadase was surprised cause nobody should ever do this to the guardians!

Amu Hinamori

Amu Hinamori in fifth grade at a school called Seiyo Academy.She fell in love with Tadase, who looked like the prince of Seiyo Academy.Amu was the first to character transform before she even was a guardian.Tadase saw how Amu transformed and Tadase said "Wow, she's progressed so far".In the 11th episode, Tadase finally told Amu that he, Tadase, likes Amulet Heart.Amu said "Huh?You like me after Character Transform!?"Amu was also heart broken.Although Tadase sometimes blushes when he saw Amulet Heart or Amu happy.Amu is Joker's Chair and helped the other guardians look for the embryo.

Tadase Hotori

Tadase Hotori, another fifth grader, is a guardian.He's kind and nice, but he's really only trying...Tadase likes Amulet Heart.Later, he liked Amu for real.Tadase had ask Amu for a date 2 times already.Tadase got his character transform by Amu talking to him about remembering how Kiseki was born.Tadase was so happy, that when it was time for guardian meetings, he's thanking Amu very and so much!Tadase is wants to still become strong!


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