Which would best out of others?

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Posted 8/10/09 , edited 8/11/09
ok now....out of Uc Gundam and Other Gundam Types...
And Only Gundam Mechas and Characters.

What would be the best to pilot, best defense in armor, best long range shooter, who would be best to pilot which Gundams better, enemy pilots would be best candidates of joining forces with the good guys to fight something bigger, who would be the best intelligence gatherer, the best girl to come over obstacles and be the victor, who would be the best pilot to walk away and survive the battle, to be better than others, and so on. From what you can think of.

I know it isnt the best thing I can come up with, but try me and the guests here for their knowledge.
comparing is my thing, but I know others might think...eh..never mind.

Could you think of any of those things?
Good Luck.
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Posted 8/12/09 , edited 8/12/09
Best Pilot: Amuro Ray and Char Aznable - They are the best of the best; the cream of the crop when it comes to Piloting skills and combat intelligence. Amuro excels on gunfights while Char excels on CQC but what gives them the edge in the battlefield are their fully developed NT abilities.

Most Defensive Mechs:
Mobile Armors- MAs have a strong emphasis on heavy armors and a vast array of destructive weapons. Because of the large power output that the MAs produced, it is possible to equip it with I-Field generator which it can negate any Minovsky based beam weapons. The best example is the MA-08 Big Zam.

Best MS for sniping: ZMT-S29 Zanneck:. The Zanneck was able to hit targets on Earth from high in the atmosphere, or across long distances in a space battle.

Best Survivor: Jerid Messa - Jerid participated numerous TITAN campaigns and countless clashes with the AEUG. His luck finally ran out in the Battle of Gryps.

This is the best I can think of right now and maybe I'll add something in the near future.
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Posted 8/16/09 , edited 8/17/09

Best Pilot: [b]Amuro Ray: Because he seems more control of his actions at times.

Most Defensive Mechs: Various on type of defense: I would like to say the ones who have I-fields or GN-fields.

Best MS for Sniping: Gundam Dynames and Cherudim Gundam: "Thanks for standin still wanka!" They are REAL sniping gundams. Nuff said

Best Survivor: Patrick Colasour: Hey, he managed to survive extreme near-death cercumstances at the end of both seasons and is STILL alive even now. It would be funny if he survived in the movie.

Most Evil Character in existance: The Devil (Dark) Gundam: In many ways, the Devil Gundam is considered a character on its own. Sure it requires a living host for it to work effectively, but everything else is done on its own.

Hottest Character: Sumeragi Lee Noriega: What do I need to say? She is HOT. She is also a briliant tactition, an interesting character, and an alcoholic.

Most Badass Gundam Pilot: Duo Maxwell: Three words: GOD OF DEATH!!!!

The biggest Big Lipped Alligator Moment: The Moon Moon episodes of ZZ: Seriously, what the FUCK were the writers thinking when the decision was made to include some odd Aztec setting in an all mech show?

Most Original Gundam design: Turn A Gundam: Truely this is the most unique and awsome among the other gundams; abstract, kickass, and basic.

Weakest Moment in Gundam: G-Savior: The WORST thing that's ever happened to gundam. A live action movie with bad actors, weak plot, and slow CG movements.

Strongest Gundam Ever/ Yet: 00 Reiser: This is NOT based on fanbase. This is based on what I've seen and how it holds up in combat. And it holds up excruciatingly well.

Best Final Battle: The entirity of the final episode of Gundam 00: Not just the fight between Reborns Gundam and 00 Reiser, but the brutal meleeing on Healing by Hallelujah as well as the GRRRRREAT finish Lockon did on Revive.
Oh, and the true fight between 0 gundam and Exia had a lot of symbalance:

-each pilot was using their first gundams
-Setsuna fighting the gundam he had worshiped for so long
-the fact that the 0 Gundam resembled the original Gundam
-and Ribbons is voiced by the same guy who did Amuro's
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