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Should Dissidia: Final Fantasy be on a Console?
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Posted 10/23/10 , edited 10/23/10

YukiMyco wrote:

Little trivia. The game originally started as a PS2 split screen fighter using the Disney cast as a Kingdom Hearts spin-off. It eventually got moved to the PSP, and got switched to Final Fantasy characters only because Disney didn't want their characters in a fighter like that.

Extra trivia. Kingdom Hearts Birthy by Sleep isn't getting a download release, because Disney doesn't want to distribute a game with their property as a download.

Anyway, the game as a whole really is great. They did all they can to maximize the game on the system, and it's just fine as PSP title. So I don't think they should port it anywhere else.

well she's got a good point...
BUT if tey did put it on console they would have to do the following things to make it SELL SELL SELL!
1)edit it with specail features including new charcters such as the iconic FFXII characters.
2)Enhance some seriuos Gameplay elements such as New freestyle combo systems, and New Ex shift! (Basically a more powerful Ex sysytem.
3)A new EX GAURD system where the characters are able to make themselves temporaily invicnible.
4)NEw stages and a new Hide and seek battle mode!
5) a real time adventure mode where you are in REAL TIME BATTLE and move around attacking enemeies manuaully
6) A new sound track with Exclusive songs from many of the FF games.
7) More costumes and a complete cammand list With the chance to actaully "make" your own weapons for a battle
8)lastly a "Create a Fantasy" mode which allows you to create your own Charcter and story based off Preset character fighting styles,Their storylines, and an interactive chat with the FF chararcters.
9) An Playstation Exclusive ONLINE EX BETA in which all the players of this said game can go against eachother, Downlaod variuos "atrifacts", And lastly The option of working in Tag team battles (simmilar to the M<Arvel VS. Capcom games) in which you can set up variuos FF teams in normal and online play!
these things will DEFINTELY make it worth it to be on console i presume?
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Posted 11/1/10 , edited 11/1/10
The reason it's not on a console is the multiplayer aspect of the game. The game is too fast and furious to be split screen, and thus would only really work online, which would definitely be cool.

Perhaps if they released on a console for online use, that would be good. I am happy that it is on PSP, and it's nice to find a PSP game that is actually good for a change
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Posted 11/1/10 , edited 11/1/10
If it was released into a console, honestly i can see it resemble Naruto ultimate ninja storm
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Posted 12/13/10 , edited 12/13/10
I agree with most of the guys that said that it should be on a console and that console is PS2.. The PS2 is still (for me) by far the best console that was ever released in gaming history.. Back on the topic, Dissidia is good to be on the PSP but they should have still put it on the PS2, having all those characters in one game is good for the PS2, and I guess in the PS2 they can even add more characters that are also in the FF Games which would be awesome!!

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Posted 1/7/11 , edited 1/8/11
this kind of game wouldn't work on a console. I have yet to actually play a 2P match against someone face to face, as a matter of fact i have yet to play an online match too, but it's alright, the 1P game of that is interesting enough. i got Squall up to level 100, but i messed with his attacks and movelist for the sake of 100% mastery which i haven't gotten yet because the new moveset makes him weak as a kitten with maybe one or two killmoves.
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