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Being around Jessy can be a little hard to handle - that girl never runs out of energy, and every minute of the day she's go, go, go. But if you can keep up with her, you're guaranteed to have the time of your life! Jessy is cool and funny, and she's so outgoing that she makes friends with pretty much everybody. She's awesome, and even though we sometimes have little arguments, I feel totally lucky to call her one of my best friends.Some people think Jessy's a loudmouth - she always says exactly what's on her mind. But she never fails to stand up for her friends, and when she gets mad it's usually because she wants people to do the right thing. At school, Jessy's always stood up for kids who were picked on. Nobody ever dared to mess with Jessy, even the boys. When she told bullies to back off, they listened! She's tough, but she's got a heart of gold.

Last year, Jessy made her first bungee jump, and lately she's been talking about taking skydiving lessons. Yikes, talk about brave. I'm terrified of heights, so I couldn't even watch. Jessy's not afraid of anything - well, except for spiders. Those really freak her out. Once, Yuki and I put a big fake spider on her pillow while she was asleep. She didn't speak to us for two days afterwards!
Jessy rocks at action and fighting games because of her fast reflexes and wicked aim. Not only did she win the Action Gamer of the Year trophy, she was featured on the front cover of a gaming magazine! She was the first girl ever to make the cover, and we were all super-proud of her. It gets to her when people say that girls can't game, and she always works

Jessy's a bit of a tomboy because she grew up with two brothers, and because she's always trying to compete with the guys. She's an outdoorsy girl who doesn't mind getting dirty and sweaty. Ugh! Still, I know she's a girly-girl somewhere on the inside - we love going shopping for clothes together. I'm the one who taught her most of what she knows about fashion - if it weren't for me she would still be wearing the same ratty jeans every day. I hope she's grateful! On tour, we girls have gotten closer than ever, and it's been awesome to be able to spend so much time together. Jessy's good to have around when we're feeling bummed out and tired of traveling, because she never loses her sense of humor and she keeps us laughing all the time. Yeah, Jessy's loud and bold and kinda crazy, but I wouldn't have her any other way.

Getting to know the real Yuki takes some time. She's super-sweet, nice to everybody, and totally lovable. But she's always got her nose in a book, so getting her attention can be a real challenge. Once you've got her talking, though, it doesn't take long to see that Yuki's one of the best friends a girl could find. I know she'll have my back no matter what happens.Yuki is usually calm and quiet, and she's kinda shy - the exact opposite of me! I'm known as the tough one in the group, so I feel like I'm looking out for her a lot of the time. But the thing is, Yuki's a lot tougher than she looks. Underneath that shell of hers, she's always thinking up some brilliant plan, and she's had to bail ME out of trouble more than once. She reads a lot, and no matter what the problem is, she'll dig up a book that's got some answers.
Yuki's a wicked strategy game player because of her careful thinking, and she's picked up tons of trophies. I tease her because she can't beat me at an action game, but if I'm up against her in a mindbender, she'll win every time. Luckily for me she's much more modest than I am, and she doesn't rub it in! At school, Yuki's a star student. She's won the science fair and the spelling bee every year since I can remember, and teachers like her because she's so helpful. But she's still not conceited at all - if you give her a compliment, she'll just blush like crazy. Last year when I was having trouble in one of my classes, she tutored me after school every day. She totally saved me!

Yuki can be just a little too cautious, which bugs me sometimes. We're always trying to convince her to be more adventurous. Sometimes she'll surprise us, though - once in a while she'll go for it and do something totally brave and unexpected. I'm so proud of her for getting over her stage fright and becoming the superstar she is. She used to be so shy that making a presentation in class freaked her out, and now she's rocking out and showing off her game skills in front of thousands of people!Since we've been on tour, Yuki's gotten a lot more confident than she used to be. The spotlight's been good for her, that's what Frank says. I think she's realizing just how awesome she really is. She's fun, stylish, smart - we've been telling her that for ages. Maybe one of these days she'll finally work up the nerve to talk to a boy she likes, huh?

Mika has wanted to be a fashion designer her whole life, and she never dreamed she'd become a competitive video game player! From the first time I saw her play, though, I knew that Mika would be a star. Not only is she a gaming ace, she totally owns the stage when she's in front of an audience, and the spotlight loves her. Watching what she does onstage has done a lot to help my confidence - just having her beside me is reassuring. She always has encouraging words for me when I get nervous, and I can talk to her about anything. That's why Mika's one of my very best friends!Mika is an only child, so I'll admit that sometimes she can be a little bossy. Because she doesn't have any brothers or sisters, she never really had to share, and she usually gets what she wants. One thing's for sure - when Mika decides on something, she has to get her way! Recently, Mika started doing yoga, which really helps her to relax and control her temper. She's learning to take slow deep breaths instead of throwing a tantrum when she gets annoyed, but even yoga doesn't help when Frank, our manager, turns up with a horrible stage costume he wants us to wear! Frank's fashion sense and Mika's do NOT mix.
I have to agree that if anyone should be picking our costumes, it should be Mika. She's always got great advice about what people are wearing, whether they ask her for it or not - which annoys Jessy most of the time. Watching those two bicker about fashion is hilarious! As for me, I think Mika's advice is pretty darn good, and I totally trust her, especially when it comes to fashion. She can put together an outfit like nobody else. She's also got a great eye for design, and she decorated our entire apartment, from furniture to curtains. The place looks amazing!In the gaming arena, Mika's unbelievable at puzzle games. We joke that it's because the first puzzle game she played was all about matching colors, and she's a pro when it comes to color coordination. Mika's got a load of gaming trophies, but what she really wants is the "Best Dressed Gamer" title. That award doesn't actually exist yet, but she's suggested it at every tournament we've attended! She always gets her way eventually, so I'm sure it will be on her shelf someday.

On tour, I love travelling with Mika because she's always got a list of exciting places to go when we get to our destination. The only problem we've got when we're on the road is getting all of Mika's suitcases from place to place... I think that girl will never learn the meaning of "packing light!"

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