has anyone joined the tsubasa reservior chronicle fan club yet?

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Posted 12/28/07 , edited 12/29/07
has anyone joined the tsubasa reservior chronicle fan club yet?

[purple]well you should because its a group where you can pick your own powers or kudans and there are also forumm's that are fun. we have forums like fai d. flowrights advice column, kurogane's nickname freezone and more.

there are also fun game forums and links to other websites!!!!

there is also a forum saying member information where you can sign for your own kudan. you can pick your own kudan.

here are some kudans that you might enjoy:

-Fire -Wind -Ice -Water -Plant pheromone -Mind Reading -Nullification -Animal pheromone -Transportation -Art -Voice pheromone -Shadow Manipulation
-Invention -Doppel ganger -Stealing Alice -Duplication -Blast -Ghost Manipulation -Healing -Time travel -Invisibility -Levitate things -Air control -Illusion -Curse -Chemistry -Telekinesis -Transferring the feelings of pain -Sound -Lightning -Soul Sucking Alice -Teleportation -Flying -Barrier -Cooking -Poisoning -Weather -Soul Transfer -Multiple personalities -Sight -Divination -Sharp senses -Cat and Dog Physicality -Love Connection -Thunder -Explosion -Amplification -Earth -Control Sand -Mark of Death -Male Pheromone -Female Pheromone -Freezing -Control flower petals -Evil spirit -Time control -Multi Alice -Rain -Element -Super Strenght -Smooth a person's shock -Trasformation -Sweet -Angry Eyes Contact -Happiness -Music -Having an alice which is the weakness of people -To see the future in dreams -Wish -Change the color of your hair and outfit -Spirit Hopping -Metamorphosis -Copy -Deadly -Force Field -Heat -Creating Magical Stuff -Laughing -Mind Control -Give Life to Toys -Sports -Earthquake -Ageing -To make dream come true -Special flute that produce a type of illusion that will damage the brain of whoever heard it -Insect Pheromone -Control special seeds -Human Controlling -Able to create living things -Control fear -Human Pheromone -Control Space -To warm people up with hugs -Can poison anyone with the one kiss -Flood -Environment -Volcanic -Blizzard -Resurrection -Control stuff with strings -Hurricane -Hair -Reflection -Summon -Can go into books/movies etc. and experience 'life' there -Clouds -Hailstorm -Story creation -To protect loved ones -Making people happy by a greetings -Manipulate emotions -Flame Haze -To make anyone fall in love with you -Make Light -Bird -Wind Protection -Cyclone -Shape-shifting -Switching people's alices around -Avalanche -Life Ordeal -Borrowing Alices -Memories -Giving bad lucks -To create Alice -I know how to walk alice


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