Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (Hangyoku no Lelouch)
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Posted 8/11/09 , edited 8/12/09
U mite see my comments in the games section with the trailers so forgive me for the spam but I wanted to help out okay? I have my passion for games and helping people out.

Anyways, I've beaten the game so far twice during the summer (and thats incredible since I've been in China for a month so I haven't tried the game yet). It's not too hard, the difficulty is about 3/5 I'd say. Even megaman zx is harder, altho ZX advent is almost twice as easy as ZX.

I'm not Japanese so please don't ask me what choices to make. Some choices ask u to skip a scene or something.

Warning SPOILER!!

There's a scene where u as lulu have to catch kallen before she tries to kill suzaku in some party or something (u all know this scene from the anime). U have to make choices such as going left or right or straight and watnot. I believe the order is 2nd choice, first choice, otherwise I'm not sure. If u get to suzaku u made the rite choice. But if u came there too with suzaku too early u mite have to pick the choice to STAY there. Otherwise I THINK ur on the rite path if u meet shirley, i think u have to go straight but I can't remember. The game's full of too many choices like a date sim (never tried those but I can tell that sim date games can give u random scenes with eveyr choice u make)


when Shirley picks up the gun after finding out lulu is zero, pick option number two and pick option number one when Vieletta laughs and is happy about her find. Number one is the option to kill her, and u must kill her for the story to progress.

The fun thing about this game is that u can pick choices of commands when u use the geass during different times of the story. I remember making a soldier dance.......pretty amusing really. And then made another sleep on the floor. Lulu's scream when the cat steals his mask was a bit better and less girly (slightly less lolz)

Enjoy the game tho! I wish it was in english. And the second run of the game was interesting cuz there was another new character(s).

There's something interesting with this new character so I won't give out too much. Its a male and for some reason Cornelia isn't there. The boss was interstingly tuff and that was the fun part.

Tips: save items and use them in dire needs. If u actualy pay attention, there are three health items

the first one give 500 hp the second has a "+" which means that it gives more hp (used inside and outside of battle, use R and L to switch between item/powerup/upgrade parts) the "+" gives 1000 hp and the "++" restores ur hp completely. basically the ++ restores ur hp bar by the total amount of hp u have. Say lulu is 100/15000. U use ++ potion and he gets 15000 hp back.

There's no real tips or tricks or cheats in this game but please share if u know any!

Oh yes, sometimes u mite fail at missions. Please save often. There's a scene with mao and u have to guess where C.C. is 'kidnapped' or ran off to. There are three choices. The middle one is the correct choice. U can pick another two choices after making the rite choice, one is to skip the scene the other is to watch the whole scene.
If u don't pick the middle choice u can pick the other two. If u pick two locations that is not where C.C. is she'll die cuz she waited on u too long dummy! But no fear, u shud check those places out anyways so u can peek under those pizza hut boxes for items! Gud news! If she dies u get to start over and pick from those three choices! And thats not all! U keep the items u found during ur search for her! I'm assuming this is the same for every mission, say u get caught by soldiers and such. But thats only for the items, if ur supposed to install bombs but failed because of some random thing like u triggered the alarm then u have to start all over from bomb number one.

That was a lot but please ask me for any questions!

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Posted 7/6/11 , edited 7/6/11
Are they going to make an English version of Code Geass and Dengeki Gakuen in DS?
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