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(The reasons for everything in the ratings are explained in the review section at the end of the article)

* Visuals: Utterly beautiful. Visuals are there to tell the story just as much as the characters and the script is.
* Music: Stunning songs. The anime acompanies its scenes with some of the most breath taking music ever in an anime,
* Plot: Melodrama and romance delivered to perfection.
* Overall rating: 9.4/10 (A work of art)

* Genre: Romance/Drama

* Company: SHAFT

* Format: 12 episodes

* Dates: 7 Oct 2007 – 23 Dec 2007

* Synopsis: Hirono Hiro, a high schooler and professional shoujo mangaka, gets his bike stolen by a strange girl on a cold Christmas night. Finding her collapsed on the street, he learns her name is Miyamura Miyako, and had “borrowed” his bike to chase after a man who stole her bag. Meanwhile, another high schooler, Asou Renji, meets a strange girl at the abandoned train station he frequents one day. Based off Ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two, a visual novel by minori, this anime adaptation follows the romantic journeys of three teenage couples as they heal and grow through finding each other.

* Review:

Every once in a while you come across an anime that leaves you stunned and breath taken... "Ef a tale of memories" is one of those animes. Melodrama is often sour and not worth watching... This anime however delivers it to perfection with some of the most romantic and intense moments in 2007. Especially episode 7, where words crawling across a screen, accompanied only by a voice leaves the viewer in astonishment. Words cannot convey this moment. One must watch to understand.

This anime in a way is a piece of art. The scenes are overloaded with expressionism as the graphics and music are combined to express emotions in the story as much as the action. The visuals are so good at some points, they leave you perplexed, and the music delivers some beautiful violin and piano solos.

The plot itself is original and delivers a variety of emotions. It especially comes through in the romantic department. As it delivers some scenes which depict romantic genious. The characters on the most part are highly developed and original as we learn more about them throughout the anime. Oh, and the ending is extremely impressive and well given.

There isn't much one can find to complain about in this anime, but there is a one thing. The visuals are used to such a high extent as an expressive tool that sometimes they overload and leave the viewer in a state of confusion, but I think this happens partly in a good way as it causes the visual expressions to pound on one's senses.

Overall this anime is a work of art. The stunning graphics and sounds, along with a fine story combine to bring us a melodramatic masterpiece. This is yet another masterful piece of work no anime fan should be without. "Are there memories you do not want to forget?"
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Posted 8/15/09 , edited 8/15/09
Ya the music in this anime is amazing... Especially since I'm a big fan of the violin. Good review.
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