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The reasons for everything in the ratings are explained in the review section at the end of the article)

* Visuals: Pretty good and expressive most of the time
* Music: Some good songs
* Plot: Meh... SO SO... Kind of predictable
* Overall rating: 4.6/10 (Probably worth watching but nothing special)

* Genre: Romance/comedy

* Company: J.C. staff

* Format:37 episodes

* Dates: July 3, 2006 – September 21, 2008

* Synopsis:

Season 1: Louise de La Valliere is the dunce of her class in Tristein Academy for magicians. Several years of unsuccessful attempt after attempt at casting spells, each resulting in violent explosions, have earned her the nickname of “Zero Louise” from her classmates. However, on the day that her class must summon a familiar each for themselves, Louise summons a commoner from another world: a young boy from Japan named Hiraga Saito.

Season 2: The invasion of Tristain has been pushed back thanks to Louise and Saito and an ueasy calm settles over the land. Louise begins to practice Void Magic while Saito, having given up his chance to go home to Japan, tries to find ways to fill his time. But the wars are not over. The peaceful lull is but the calm before the storm, and soon Queen Henrietta must make a terrible choice between a temporary peace and a preemptive invasion of Albion. Either way, Tristain is soon to be embroiled in war once more, and “Zero” and her Familiar will be right in the middle of it.

Season 3: After the narrow escape from the main forces of Albion, the nation of Tristain has once again returned to an uncertain peace. Louise and Saito continue their romance from their short-lived wedding, but they are quickly interrupted when Saito’s magical rune mysteriously disappears. Now that Saito’s symbol of loyalty to Louise is gone, can their relationship last with so many girls trying to get a hold of Saito’s heart?

* Review:

The "Zero No Tsukaima" series is in a few occassions a cheap rip off of Harry Potter. It reminds me of the "School Rumble" anime series in the way it ends up being a continous teaser that never gives us a concrete ending... and it has a good first season with two tedious, and agrivating follow up seasons.

There's nothing really that amazing to this anime. The character development is almost a liability... You end up with some characters that are about as interesting and original as a baked potato... (Without the skin peeled off)... Some of the female leads are there for one thing... And if you're wondering what that things is, well, put it this way... You could have two floating breasts which would give the impact to the plot those female leads are suppossed to give. The plot is extremely predictable. Some of the foreshadowing throughout the anime is so blatantly obvious... The creators could just as well slap the up coming events on your face. A baby sloth with brain damage could comprehend what's going to happen next. Oh, and be ready for about 10-11 really slow paced episodes and then an extremely rushed final couple of episodes each season.

The only things worth mentioning as a plus for this anime are most of the first season, the visuals, and a couple orriginal and fun to listen to songs. The first season has a certain charm to it... but it gets old towards the end of the season and in the next two seasons.

I've watched worse animes than this one, but this definately isn't a must watch. If you're simply looking to be entertained this anime is probably atleast worth giving a try. Especially if you're the type that likes female leads that could just as well be a block of wood with breast implants.
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