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(The reasons for everything in the ratings are explained in the review section at the end of the article)

* Visuals: Descent
* Music: A bit too cheesy J-pop oriented but suits the comedy
* Plot: Good story but not well executed. Ends up being a continous teaser.
* Overall rating: 4.2/10 (Worth watching simply for a laugh if you're bored.)

* Genre: Romance/comedy

* Company: Studio Comet

* Format:52 episodes

* Dates: October 10, 2004 – September 17, 2008

* Synopsis:

semester 1: Entering her second year of high school, Tsukamoto Tenma, is—except for her incompetence in sports, academia, cooking and… well… pretty much everything—an average student. Like many students her age, she has fallen in love with a fellow classmate, Karasuma Ooji. Little does she know, she’s not the only student in her class who’s been infected by the love bug. The class delinquent, Harima Kenji, also has someone he admires from afar. And ironically, it’s Tenma.

semester 2: Harima Kenji has severe women problems, born mostly out of misunderstandings. While he himself is in love with Tsukamoto Tenma, she thinks that he and her sister, Yakumo, are going out. The situation is further complicated by Tenma’s friend Sawachika Eri, since, in spite her own dishonesty, all her close friends - including Suou Mikoto and Takano Akira - know she has a thing for Harima.

semester 3: Harima Kenji is again frustrated by the fact that every attempt to confess his feelings to Tsukamoto Tenma ends in failure. But Harima isn’t the only one whose feeling can’t reach their loved ones, as Karasuma Ooji continues to evade Tenma’s confessions just before he is to leave for the United States. However, Harima resolves to make Tenma happy, and tries to create one last chance for her to make her feelings clear to Karasuma.

* Review:

Not much to say about this one. Average graphics, average music, and average school anime, romantic-comedy teaser. The story has a pretty good idea behind it... But nothing's ever really done with it. The anime just keeps moving in a continous circle of pretty much the same stuff and as soon as you think something important is finally going to happen it proves to just be a tease and the circle starts all over again. As for character development it's kind of unexistent to an extent as nothing ever really changes in the characters... I guess Harima and Eri are developed to a minor extent... but nothing serious. The plot is not horrific... but it can be insultingly dull and unrealistic at some points. But that is to be expected from an anime of this one's category. Oh and one pretty huge complaint... Don't expect an ending or conclusion to this anime because there isn't one. By the end of the last season absolutely nothing is solved and we're left thinking... "wow... that last episode wasn't much different from any other episode was it..."

The first season is pretty good... it's funny (Really funny actually), and we're not expecting a real ending by the end because we know there's more seasons coming... But starting fom the second season the comedy starts to lose consistency and the plot pretty much falls out of orbit... And the third season has no real ending whatsoever. If you're bored I guess watching this anime wont make you suffer... It can be funny at some points and has a nice story behind the poorly delivered anime... The story definately had more potential and it's a shame the creators couldn't do more with it. But what can I say... I've seen worse than "School Rumble", so if you do watch it... Enjoy the descent aspects of it.
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