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(The reasons for everything in the ratings are explained in the review section at the end of the article)

* Visuals: Very impressive and well executed
* Music: usually good, but doesn't fit the movie at some points
* Plot: Solid and suprisingly not rushed... Very touching... But not as good as the Clannad series... Although the ending is more real life-like and less controversial.
* Overall rating: 8/10 (impressive)

* Company: Toei Animation

* Format: Movie; 93 minutes.

* Date: September 15, 2007

* Synopsis: Okazaki Tomoya is despondent with life and is haunted by a nightmare. His relationship with his father has slowly soured since the death of his mother, and his school-life, shared with his rambunctious best friend, Sunohara Youhei, is mostly empty and meaningless. That is, until one day he meets a girl named Furukawa Nagisa, who can’t quite find the courage to walk up the hill on the long path to their school.

* Review:

One thing one should know about this movie... Although the Clannad series was based on the Clannad movie and has a similar story it's different. Especially the ending. Second thing one should know... The Clannad series is (in my opinion) Clearly better.

The ending in the Clannad movie is the one thing that may be a bit better than the clannad series as it is better explained, more realistic, and less controversial. I personally like the Clannad series ending more as I enjoyed the result more... But life isn't always candy and an easy going road so the ending to the Clannad movie is probably a bit more thoughtful. Other than the ending nothing else in the Clannad movie really surpassed the series. The music in the Clannad movie didn't fit in nearly as well as in the series, The visuals are excellent, but not as good as the series, and the characters aren't developed nearly as well as the movie only had 1 hour and 30 minutes while the series had 47 episodes.

One must realize however that comparing this movie to the Clannad series is comparing it to one of the greatest animes of all time. This movie is defiinately up there with some of the great animes. The story is extremely touching and by the end it will really leave you quiet and thinking a few minutes. While I don't want to give any spoilers I definately must warn the anime viewer to be prepared for a much more realistic and down to earth ending than the series. Although still extremely compassionate and emotive. The music at some points though, as I mentioned above, is extremely not fit for the moments. Sometimes you'll be puzzled as to why certain events bring up such oppossite feeling melodies. But other than that there's no real complaints... I mentioned the characters aren't developed as well as in the series but they are still developed to a high extent for a 1 hour and 30 minute movie. I was impressed at how fluidly and un-rushed the story felt even though they only had 93 minutes of movie time. The writers and director definately did a good job with that.

So basically what I'm saying is this movie is more than worth watching. It's just not quite as good as the series. But I don't think many animes have been more moving and emotion stirring than this animated movie. So don't be thinking that if you've watched the Clannad series this movie isn't worth watching because you're wrong. Toei animation obviously worked hard in bringing us a beautiful motion picture and no anime fan should pass the opportunity to watch this romantic and tear jerking drama.
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