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Ironoside VS Kora & Shino VS Otara-Part2

Friday 17/07/2009

(Otara & Shino’s Fight)
(Shino stands up)
Shino – I didn’t finish yet…
(Otara remembering)
(5 years ago)
(Shino was going to fall on the ground because she was so tired but Otara catches her)
(Otara carried Shino to her Room and put her on the bed)
Otara – why you do this to yourself?
Shino – I want to be strong…
Otara – but like this?
Shino – hmmm…
Otara – I will protect you always Shino
(Back to real time)
Otara – why you are doing this? Why?
Shino – I want to prove that I can handle myself from now on…
Otara - !!!
(Shino used her Full Power and the wood starts to move around him with high speed)
Shino – yahhhhhhhhhhh
(Shino attacks Otara with her Full Power and the attack throws Otara back)
(Kora & Ironoside’s Fight)
Ironoside – My name is Hayo Ironoside…
Kora – and my name is Saiku Kora…
Ironoside & Kora - Yahhhhhhhhhhhh
(Ironoside and Kora run toward each other and when they reach each other big flame surrounded them….)
(Otara & Shino’s Fight)
(Otara hardly starts to stand up, on the same time Shino fall down because she used all of her power)
(Otara starts to move toward Shino)
Otara – you could say that from the beginning
Shino - !!!
Otara – if you don’t like me to protect then you could say it at the beginning…
Shino – no I want you to protect me, but I also want you to believe in me sometimes…
Otara -!!!
Shino – for you I am always your little sis, you always think I need to be protected by you but I can protect myself now…. I can…
Otara – my little idiot sister
(Kora & Ironoside’s Fight)
(The flame gone and through the smoke it seemed one person is still standing)
(When smoke vanished people saw Ironoside is standing & Kora was on the ground)
Kora – so you was strong back then…
Ironoside – of course I was…
Kora – {Master you where right….}
(Otara & Shino’s Fight)
Otara – I give up
Shino – but why?....
Otara – I believe you can protect yourself from now on
Shino –but that has nothing to do in tournament fight
Otara – look my partner fall down now
(Shino turns around and she see Ironoside)
Shino – but you still have…
(Otara hug her)
Shino -!!!
Otara - No need to fight anymore since I believe you can take care about yourself from now on
Shino – thanks Big Sis
Storm – ohm…ohm… the winners are Ironoside & Little princess
All the People – yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
(In Spectators)
Dani – let’s go it’s our battle time
Ayoma - !!!...let’s go
(Dani became serious)
(In VIP part)
Onas – hahahaha it was great hahahahaah
Shano – yes..
Onas – Shano you still thinking about Ironoside power…?
Shano - …
(Ironoside was coming out and in way he saw Dani & Ayoma)
Ayoma – oh Ironoside so good you went to final
Ironoside – thanks, hope I see you both there too
Dani – for sure you will see
Ironoside -!!!
(Dani looks at Ironoside face)
Dani – Ironoside tomorrow we will face each other better for you to prepare yourself…
(Ayoma hit Dani’s Head hard)
Dani – ayyyyyyyy
Ayoma – because I wanted
(Ayoma was going to hit Dani again)
Dani –oh thanks for hitting me sir…
Ayoma –good boy…now you are real Dani…
Ironoside – hahaha but as Dani said we may face each other…
Ayoma – that’s right but…
Ironoside – so face me as opponent if we have to fight
Dani – sure, same goes for you
Ayoma – …. Ironoside where is Shino now?
Ironoside – she went with her sis any way that’s better for now I wanted to be alone for while
Ayoma – ok then see you later
Ironoside – ok
(And Ironoside left…)
Dani – so?
Ayoma – let’s go
(Near the Midoriiro City)
(A boy that was look like 5 years old)
Aku – Aku…Aku…Aku…
(Hayo Castle)
(Shitoro stand up)
Shitoro – Aku……………………………………………………………

End Ironoside-Season01-Chapter31

Writer : Ironoside
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Posted 8/12/09 , edited 8/12/09
yay! i get 2 post 1st! ^_^

aww, Ren is soooo cute! first i thought the new person Aku was about to sneeze X3 heh heh, keep it up!
Posted 8/13/09 , edited 8/13/09

Ironoside – My name is Hayo Ironoside…
Kora – and my name is Saiku Kora…
Ironoside & Kora - Yahhhhhhhhhhhh

that was so kawi !!XD knigh’s fight ^-^!! ..they even interduce their names !!knigh's moral!!ppl learn form them hehehe
(Dani became serious) o it’s show time for Dani .aaaaa it’s the time to not make fun on him any more .scary!!
hmm (Aku , Aku)?!! o.o who!! ,what aka aka !!..…WRITER aka aka I mean where is the next chapter!!!!!!!

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Posted 4/10/10 , edited 4/11/10
yosh thats my old man *claps* that match was a piece of cake the next one will be the most excited one so dani and ayoma do ur best guys .. finally i'd get the chance 2 read abt ur fighting match the writer didnt write abt ur previous matches so the next chapter 'll do ^^ i'm so looking forward to reading the next chapter oh which is by the way updated hahahah i better go and read it . i hope 2 find it readable
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