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Theres two ways for saying your family members. Theres my and your. This a bit weird for us but the my is for your inner circle (what my teacher called it) like the family and your is talking about a friend's family member. Also for your you use the honorific O for respect. Yes theres no way to say just brother or sister. They do it by older and younger.

I'll do the my part first ;D
my... -> haha -> chichi
...older brother -> ani
...older sister -> ane
...younger brother -> otouto
...younger sister -> imouto

your part now
your... -> okaasan -> otousan
...older brother -> oniisan / niisan
...older sister -> oneesan / neesan
...younger brother -> otoutosan
...younger sister -> imoutosan
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Hey thanks. I wanted to know these words.
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