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Posted 8/21/09 , edited 8/21/09
Hi my name is Jenny but call me WolfGiselle or Giselle. I'm 15 and a half.

I love anime, and anything to do with Japan and it's culture. I wish to be a actress or voice actess or someday work in animation.

Shugo Chara is one of my favorite animes along with Naruto and too many others to name.

I"m extremely open minded and love the people who take the time to be my friend even though I seem antisocial I'm just shy.

Pleased to meet everyone.
scfc mod!!^^.
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Posted 9/13/09 , edited 9/13/09
nice to meet yuu jenny-chan!!!=] welcome
Posted 10/15/09 , edited 10/15/09
Hello!!!! I am Yuki, 13 years old, living at Malaysia ... ^.^ My hobbies are reading, chatting, singing, listening to music, watching anime, hanging out with friends and writing storied ... ^.^ Hope to get along well with the others too ... *bow* ^.^
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Posted 2/5/10 , edited 2/5/10

Angelique_Fan wrote:

Hey everyone~! Come introduce yourselves here so we can know you more! :DD

All you have to say is what's your name, what you like and dislike. Simple as that~! ;DD

ok i will start:

About me:
My name is:which i cant say but u can call me Ange,but my username is Angelique_Fan,
I love Anime Alot and i like KDrama too,i am totally animefreak :P
i love pets alot and i like to watch over kids, i like purple and black color,
i love to sing and dance and even acting, i like swimimng and horse riding too....
i am so freindly and i can make friends easily, wll i am not very gd at photoshop but i am
taking lessons now, everyone tell me that u have a cool personality but u have a cute face XD,
..........etc, and there is alot of things about me :D

M y m a m e
I s A eko2
Like reading and drawing and watching anime!
Posted 6/22/10 , edited 6/22/10
Name is Katie:3
Fave character ish Tadase(I like his hair) Mwahaha
Hope I can make great new friends here:) Please add me if you want so we can get to know each other better
Posted 7/17/10 , edited 7/17/10
Hi, I'm Catie, or you may call me Cait or Ouran-Chan. I love almost all Animes/Mangas(especially Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! and Akuma to Love Song.) I also enjoy video games such as:Harvest Moon, Rune Factory and Kingdom Hearts. It's a pleasure to meet everybody.
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