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Posted 8/13/09 , edited 8/14/09
ok, post your own self-made summaries on your favorite animes or whichever animes you'd like and post any comments or thoughts you have on the anime. Heres my first:

Cowboy Bebop:
An action anime that mainly focuses on space "cowboys" or bounty hunters who go around the universe, trying to capture criminals and capture the bounty or money. Though its not stated but suggested, the main character is really Spike and his small crew of Jet, Faye, Ein(a smart dog) and Edward. They're drifters who live mainly off the bounty they collect from these captures and aim only for the big bounties but gamble in desperate times/whenever the opportunity arises. Throughout the anime, their past and own identies start to unravel. Spike ultimately kills alot of the henchmen from his old group, the Red Dragon Syndicate, in his many attempts to kill Vicious, an old "arch" enemy of his and the new former leader of the group. Towards the end, he loses many of the people he knew in back then, including Julia, his only love that he tries to find. He finally kills Vicious in the end but at the cost of his life (he apparently "dies" a couple of times throughtout the story but he doesn't survive this time around). Jet used to be a cop and lost his left arm, due to his partner. When he found out that Alisa, his old lover who abandoned him, was still around, he met with her to find out the truth about their "breakup" , but never gets his answer and finds out that she loves a criminal. Faye Valentine, cryogenically frozen for 54 years, does not recall her memories as a child but slowly starts to recall them as she meets people from her childhood and recovery, receives antiques from her time, and returns back to her place of birth. Edward is basically a genius who finds out who her father is and starts to travel alone in the last few episodes.

user comments: if you're going to watch the series, you should watch the movie. great action series and somewhat satisfying ending.

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