[CONTEST] Mission Possible: TVXQ's 5th Korean Album Comeback
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『 Mission Possible: TVXQ's 5th Korean Album Comeback 』

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Log-in Successful!

Welcome, OneTVXQ Agent!

『 Mission 』
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to be TVXQ's Fan-turned-Manager. Ever wished you could have control over what songs the boys sing and what radio shows and tv appearances the boys are slated to appear on? Well now is the time to take control! Show us how YOU would handle being TVXQ's manager/producer for their 5th Korean Comeback.....

Yes, that's right; you've just been given the chance by SM to be a fan-turned-manager of the hottest group in the whole of Asia. With such a title comes the heavy responsibility of preparing, planning and executing each and every aspect and area of the comeback.

『 Mission's General Guidelines of Tasks 』
(1) Image
The overall image of the group. (Eg. Sexy/Cute/Charismatic/Etc.)
(2) Album Cover
(3) Album Name & Songs
Review of songs, full lyrics, descriptions, everything and anything that you deem fit.
*Demo Clips
Showcase your musical talents by putting up a demo clip: (Eg. Singing/Instruments)
(3) Teaser Videos and Posters
(4) Schedule
* Fan Signings
* Photoshoots
* Music Show Performances
* Variety Shows
* Radio Shows
Note: This is not a complete nor exhaustive list of items that you can choose to cover.

『 Mission's Rules 』
(1) Deadline: 15th September 2009 2300HRS KST
(2) Participation: The contest is open to all members and staff of OneTVXQ. There will be no bias on the judges' part, so rest assured, everything will be assessed fairly.
(3) Creative inclusions, not subjected to / limited to the above list, will be given bonus marks. Surprise us!
(4) You are allowed to use any pictures and videos of the group. (Post a list of credits if they are needed.)
(5) Upload teasers of their "comeback" on to Youtube / Veoh / any other streaming sites.
(6) Plagiarized work will be dealt with severely and will get disqualified by default.

『 Mission's Instructions 』
Go here to join:

『 Mission's Prizes 』
1st: All About Dong Bang Shin Ki 3 DVD (First Press Korean Edition)

2nd: All About Dong Bang Shin Ki 3 Please Be Mine Photobook

3rd: TVXQ Single of your choice

『 Judging 』
(1) Coordinators of the contest will pick the top 5 entries.
(2) Chosen entries will be subjected to public voting in the forum.
(3) Winners will be determined with the 6:4 vote from staff and forum members.

『 FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions 』
Q: Do I have to complete every task on the "Mission's Guidelines" list?
A: No, you do not have to. Those are just guidelines to give you a feel of the tasks you can opt/choose to do. You're welcomed to include any task that you think would be creative enough, into your portfolio.

Q: How many minimum/maximum tasks do I have to do?
A: There is no maximum number of tasks. However, the better your tasks are, the better you'll be judged upon. ^^

Q: How will the judging be conducted? Ratio of 6:4?
A: Top 5 entries will be picked by the coordinators. These entries will then be opened to public voting by members of the forum. In order to keep an element of surprise, staff will be voting privately. Votes weightage would be accounted for in the ratio of 6 - members : 4 - staff.

Q: What timezone will the deadline be following?
A: 2300 HRS KST (Korea Standard Time +9) Late entries will not be entertained, so please be sure to check the time differences.

Q: Can I submit an entry in a pair or a team?
A: Yes, you may. However, please do note that only ONE gift will be given to the winner.

Q: Do I have to pay for postage in the event that I win the contest?
A: One! will be absorbing all international postage.

Q: What if I don't have an account on youtube/streaming sites?
A: Create one, its simple and easy enough. Any trouble with it, just drop one of the coordinators a PM.

Q: What programs can I use?
A: Photoshop, Paint, Photoscape, Windows Media Maker, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint are just some of the many programs you can use out there.

Q: What if I have no skills in graphic designing/video editing/programs? Can I check a willing friend to do it for me?
A: Sure it is allowed to get a friend's help, however, because of transparency and verification purposes, we would rather your friend sign up on One herself/himself. From there, you can both sign up as a pair. However, as said in the FAQ, only ONE prize will be given. We don't want people to complain that a contestant didn't do their work and still was able to win, while they worked hard on their own.

If none of your questions can be found in this FAQ, feel free to drop any of the coordinators a PM. (:
And do check back as we will include questions that have been posed by interested participants. ^^

This computer will self-destruct in 5 seconds. Good luck OneTVXQ Agents!
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27 / F / 菲律賓
Posted 8/18/09 , edited 8/19/09
Wow, AADBSK3 and Saipan photobook
Good luck to those who will be participating! This sounds like a lot of fun~

Always keep the faith ♥
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27 / F / isle of the dead
Posted 8/24/09 , edited 8/24/09
it looks really cool! hahaha i hope i have time to join
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27 / F / canada
Posted 8/30/09 , edited 8/31/09
when are they going to release their 5th album in korea??
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25 / F / Los Angeles
Posted 9/28/09 , edited 9/29/09
relly? fifth? woahhh! i hope they do! :D
dbsk *hwaiting!
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