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As seen in "The Council's Past: Noe Conspiracy", there was a Bingo Book established before "Bingo Book - Hit List". Each person had their own target. Some people's targets have been decided while other's have not. This is clearly optional and only for record for if u want to write ur battle with ur 'first' target.

Sirberius' target: Evangeline*

Dante's target: Espion*

Larac's target: unknown

Mewt's target: unknown

Akirael and Rubi's targets: Quazar Morte, Irmão Morte, Yato Kitsune, and Hasha Kitsune

*these special targets are not to be killed; they are later recruited into helping the Council later in the storyline (Evangeline as sirb's sis and Espion as Dante's blacksmith)
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Akirael and Rubi vs. Quazar, Irmão, Yato, and Hasha

Akirael and Rubi were venturing in a swamp near Sibilis. It didn't have an official name but it was nicknamed "Dead Fox Swamp" by the local villagers. As rumors had it, there was a suspicious killing spree near the swamp. The story was not very accurate, however. Some were saying the killer was a necromancer while others were saying the killer was a fox spirit. Thanks to Noe Cross' suggestion of the Council performing Bingo Books, Youichi had sent Rubi and Akirael to investigate.
"Think we'll find anything?" wondered Rubi.
"Probably not," said Akirael.
As they walked, they heard a small splash come from their left. Immediately Akirael materialized a bow while Rubi got into a fighting stance.
"Show yourself!" demanded Rubi.
A woman came into view. Rubi recognized her right away.
"Mare Mara?" muttered Rubi.

Mare swung her sword at Cheruna but it was blocked by Cheruna’s own sword. She was engulfed in rage and swung vigorously at the demon. The demon blocked every time.
“How ugly,” said Cheruna.
Cheruna knocked the sword out of Mare’s hand. Just as he was about to decapitate Mare, Rubi punched Cheruna. The demon was knocked to the ground.
Mare picked up her sword.
“This is for Ruuso,” said Mare.
There was a gunshot. Rubi turned to see a sniper in the smoke. It was The Demon Lord’s Hand.
“Im.. pos.. si…” mumbled Mare.
Mare took a couple steps before falling down dead.

Rubi was dumbfounded. Mare Mara died during the Second Battle of Dry Man in a battle between the Mystic Knights and Fallen Order*. How could she be standing there?
"Mare, I can't believe you're-" Rubi began.
Mare raised her arm up and chanted "Living Nightmare".
Rubi and Akirael both knew about "Living Nightmare". It was a curse that made the cursed see horrors of the past. The spell was originally founded by the Mara and Aduella family during the Nirvana War and currently could only be used by those of those two houses.
Akirael and Rubi jumped out of the spell's shot. Akirael got his leg lodged in a branch.
"You'll have to kill her," said Akirael.
"I can't," argued Rubi, "I just can't."
Akirael grinned to himself. It was he who had informed the "Necromancers of Dead Fox Swamp" that Rubi's best friend, Mare Mara, had died at Dry Man's Point. It was only too easy to get Rubi eliminated.
Mare put her hand on Rubi's face, ready to use her spell again.
"Mare, please," begged Rubi, "don't do this."
Suddenly an arrow struck Mare's body. An explosive tip destroyed the corpse.
"What the..." muttered Akirael.
An angel flew down into the swamp.
"Greel!" exclaimed Akirael, recognizing Dominic's lieutenant, Greed, who's real name was Greel.
"Your brother asked Dominel (Dominic's angelic name) to have me check up on you," said Greel.
Akirael frowned. Somehow Valentine had found out and was attempting to stop the assassination of Rubi Delacoure.
"Thanks," lied Akirael.
Greel turned his attention to Rubi. "You should be careful. These necromancers seem to have some intel on you."
"How do you know that?" asked Rubi.
Before Greel could answer, two fox spirits shot out of the darkness of the swamp and slammed into Greel and Rubi. The two fell into the murky water.
As Rubi and Greel got back up, the fox spirits put swords at Akirael's throat. Akirael himself wasn't sure if this was just an act or if they really wanted to kill their 'sponser'.
"My name is Yato Kitsune," introduced one of the fox spirits. "This is my brother, Hasha Kitsune. We've been hired to kill you, Councilor Delacoure."
Rubi smiled in delight. "Kill me? It looks like this is gonna be fun."
To Yato and Hasha's -and Akirael's- surprise, Rubi charged at Yato and Hasha. Hasha jumped out of the way but Yato was slashed at by Rubi. Yato rolled onto the ground in pain.
"Yato!" yelled Hasha.
Greel shot an arrow into Hasha's chest. Hasha fell unconscious and fell down.
Akirael dislodged his leg from the branch. "Good job but shouldn't their be a necromancer? Fox spirits can't bring the dead back to life."
"You are correct," said a snickering voice.
Two necromancers, Quazar Morte and Irmão Morte, came into view.
"An extra victim," laughed Quazar, "how fun. You'll witness the wrath of Quazar, master necromancer."
"Wrath? Not even Wrath can defeat me," said Greel, making a reference to Pererun, otherwise known as Wrath, Leonardo's lieutenant.
Greel shot an arrow into Quazar's shoulder. The necromancer screamed in pain before running away.
"Don't let him get away!" Greel said to Rubi.
Rubi chased after Quazar. Greel turned to Akirael. "Don't get the wrong idea. I just don't like you hurting a pretty girl."
"Whatever," said Akirael. "My plan fell apart. Besides, I'm starting to think that maybe I could use Rubi to get to Sirberius."
Greel shot an arrow, skidding across Akirael's hand. Bleed was seaping out. Greel then cut his own hand.
"Swear it," ordered Greel.
Akirael knew that we was no match for Greel, whom had been trained by Dominic de Avaritia personally. He also knew that Greel would kill him if he didn't agree.
Akirael grabbed Greel's hand and promised never to harm or kill Rubi Delacoure. With the magical pact done, Greel left to return to the Mu. Akirael then faced Irmão.
"So do I get paid now?" asked Irmão.
"No," said Akirael.
Akirael summoned an Envious Scythe and slashed Irmão in half.
Akirael proceeded to check on the fox spirits. Hasha was severely wounded but Yato apparently saw what had happened to Irmão and had fled.
Not good, thought Akirael. Yato was actually a member of the Juunikoudoutai, an Organization V unit. He had specialized in hunting down a powerful stone. Phaeton would surely punish Akirael for letting Yato escape.
"Uquiador, come here," ordered Akirael.
From the shadows, a shadow elementalist named Raoul Uquiador emerged.
"Have your brother, Zanenadiero, bring this fox spirit to Vaquero. I think Vaquero may be able to transform this fox spirit into a chimiera for you."
"Understood," acknowledged Uquiador.
Akirael threw a bag of Dragon gold at Uquiador.
"While you're waiting for Vaquero to make you a chimieara, there's another job for you. There's a lycan thief in Sibilis by the name of Salvado Wolfe. Organization V wants him to attract the attention of the Mystic Council. Hopefully he can get rid of a Councilor or two. Remember, don't let Salvado find out Organization V's name."
"No worries."
Uquiador took Hasha and left. Rubi came back five minutes later.
"I lost him," said Rubi. "I'll ask Sirberius to send someone later to see if he returns."
"Good idea. I've got bad news, Yato and Hasha escaped."
"Darn." Rubi looked at Irmão's corpse. "Well, at least one of the necromancers are dead."
Akirael began walking away when he noticed that Rubi hadn't moved.
"Go back to the Hall without me. I'm gonna bury Mare Mara. Last time I was unable to because I need to get Ruuso treated but this time I have all the time I need."
Akirael walked off. Rubi reached for a stone.
"I'll make sure you can rest in peace for sure," said Rubi.

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