IkutoxTadase Story (Game 3)
Posted 8/14/09 , edited 8/15/09
Just c were da story leads n continue
ill start!

On day tadase was walking 2 school n he always had a wierd feeling some1 was following him...
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Posted 8/24/09 , edited 8/24/09
when tadase see his back there was no-one, then he just continue to walking . in front of the gate, tadase see a hot guy ,ikuto waiting for someone in front of the gate. tadase blush when he see ikuto. but tadase need to go to the school so he was about passing ikuto but ikuto grab tadase and
ikuto : hey tadase, follow me
tadase : e-eh? w-what? i need to go to school you know
ikuto : forget the school i already said to the teacher that tadase is going to holiday with me about 1 week
tadase : e-eh???
ikuto : ok? the train is about to go and i already said to your parent. don't worry about your shirt i already order some
tadase : ehhh???
ikuto : let's go
then ikuto chara changes and he jump into the station
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25 / F / In EarTh STALKERS
Posted 8/25/09 , edited 8/26/09
Tadase: Ikuto let go!!!!!
Ikuto: No
Tadase: Why do i have to come with you? WAIT! Are you homo?
Ikuto: Maybe
Tadase was blushing since he was being carried by ikuto Bridal Style!
Tadase: Ikuto I-I umm I like you! I mean i-
Ikuto: i know you love me!
Tadase: So umm
Ikuto kissed tadase and he was blushing like crazy!!!
Ikuto Shut up for now please
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